To Your Wishes: An evening of guaranteed chance...

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To Your Wishes: An evening of guaranteed chance...

An evening of guaranteed chance.


  • Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, SF
  • Saturday, October 2nd
  • Starts at 7:30pm
  • Be in the door by 9:28pm to participate in "the purchase" (see below).
  • Party on into the night.


Noisebridge is turning 3 and is celebrating with an experimental birthday party! There will be food, drinks, music, death-swings, dancing, and contests of strength, wit, and agility.

Guests are invited to attend with $10 and (optionally) a hare-brained scheme. The thrust of the event will then be deciding which hare-brained scheme to spend all the collected money on. If 100 people turn up, you'll be a part of a group that has $1000 to spend. If 200 show up, $2000. Ideas could range from the obvious (blow it all on booze at that instant), to the whimsical (buy a "bouncy castle" that everyone will have 1/200th ownership of), to the insurrectionary (that'd be one hell of a reclaim the streets sound system), to the excessive (buy a few thousand dollars worth of bouncy-balls and unleash them somewhere in the city). Maybe we could even buy land somewhere? Anything goes, and it's likely that the most hare-brained of the hare-brained schemes will prevail.

The hope is that by spending $10 you'll have at least $1000 at your disposal, along with a room full of co-conspirators to help make the best use of it. We'll be providing a super fast paced visual voting system, along with an infrastructure to make this the most ADD decision ever made. This is a party, not a meeting.

Starts at 7:30pm on Saturday October 2nd, and you have until 9:28pm to get in the door with $10 and a plan. Afterwards, the party will continue on. Noisebridge is located at 2169 Mission St, bring your friends.