ToorCamp 2009

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Miloh assembling a V3 dome


Noisebridge has an awesome campsite at ToorCamp! We have a Mailing List!


Grey's going to DJ (I am? Ok, I guess I am! I'll bring turntables +mixer+tunes but someone have handy speaker setups?)


Which workshops should we host?

Jake's going to talk about Magstripes, Tor and GSM



Jacob (And other ~5 Tor Project related people)



Steve aka mooch

15 people from Protospace, including Paul,DK,ramburglar,wintr + others

10 people from VHS, including Joe B, spiri, infamy + others


Jonathan Moore

David Stainton

John Menerick

Shannon Lee


Alex Peake

adi (60% probability) (0% probability)

Damian Johnson

Johannes of monochrom


Daniel Packer

r miloh

matt +1

Sai - giving talk on telemarketing and workshop on meditation

craSH (Seattle Wireless/Neg9 - Seattle)

Eric Butler (Seattle Wireless/Neg9 - Seattle)

Meta (Neg9 - Seattle)

Matt Westervelt (SeattleWireless / Metrix - Seattle)

Matthew Wilson (Seattle)

Lee Colleton (Seattle)

Duncan Smith (Seattle)

Andrew Filer (Seattle)

Kyle Drosdick (Seattle)




How will we all get there?

I'm planning to drive and have space for two people in my car in exchange for gas money. Please ask me about it on IRC or in person if you're interested. - Ryanc

I'm planning on taking my motorcycle or driving with a few coworkers. Ask me IRL or IRC if you want to catch a ride. - John Menerick

7 people can fit in a regular Toyota Sienna. It's $40/day + 0.10/mi = ~$500 to rent one from CityCarShare (incl. gas). In turn that costs $10/month membership (could be gotten for the corp though and spread out) + $30 enrollment fee per driver. So ~$600 total cost if nobody has CCS currently and we have to sign up two people. Split over 7, that's $85 per person total with reasonably low crampedness, $72 if we already have two people w/ CCS accounts. (For comparison: ZipCar costs $80/day w/ 180mi/day covered, 0.45/mi after that, i.e. ~$660 total.) - Sai

Further option: 15-passenger Ford van (with wifi internet!) is $800 per their quote, NOT including gas, so ~$1100 total assuming ~13mpg. That's ~$75/person, iff you can get 15 people to commit. - Sai

grey has also reserved an RV and will be heading up approximately on the 30th or 1st and coming back by the 6th or 7th.


I have an army surplus tent that sleeps 6 comfortably that I'm bringing... as with rides, please talk to me on IRC or in person if you're interested in sharing. - Ryanc

Froggytoad/Miloh is repurposing a geodesic playa style dome along the lines of J. Moore's ideas of Toorcamp. It should be big enough for the Noisebridge Cantina

The Vegan RV[edit]

Grey rented an RV, and it will contain, at various points in time, Grey, Jake, Jonathan, Kelly, and some other people...? I think we're full up by now.

  • We have a grocery list. Put shit on it if you plan to be a part of the fooding. Maybe also you would like to participate in purchasing it? Someone's gotta, and it shouldn't be Grey.


Apparently this is Miloh's kitchen. You can mooch / help out there too!

The Noisebridge cantina will serve coffee, tea, and mate while supplies last. There is speculation on using big blocks of ice to chill Noisebridge Sudo Pop. The kitchen will also be the center of vegan food fests every day of the camp.