ToorCamp 2009

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Noisebridge is organizing a campsite at ToorCamp!


Sign up with the discount code mentioned on our list soon!


Grey's going to DJ


Which workshops should we host?

Jake's going to talk about Magstripes, Tor and GSM




Steve aka mooch

Paul from Protospace

DK from Protospace

ramburglar from Protospace


Jonathan Moore

David Stainton

John Menerick

Shannon Lee


How will we all get there?

I'm planning to drive and have space for two people in my car in exchange for gas money. Please ask me about it on IRC or in person if you're interested. - Ryanc

I'm planning on taking my motorcycle or driving with a few coworkers. Ask me IRL or IRC if you want to catch a ride. - John Menerick

7 people can fit in a regular Toyota Sienna. It's $40/day + 0.10/mi = ~$500 to rent one from CityCarShare (incl. gas). In turn that costs $10/month membership (could be gotten for the corp though and spread out) + $30 enrollment fee per driver. So ~$600 total cost if nobody has CCS currently and we have to sign up two people. Split over 7, that's $85 per person total with reasonably low crampedness, $72 if we already have two people w/ CCS accounts. (For comparison: ZipCar costs $80/day w/ 180mi/day covered, 0.45/mi after that, i.e. ~$660 total.) - Sai

Further option: 15-passenger Ford van (with wifi internet!) is $800 per their quote, NOT including gas, so ~$1100 total assuming ~13mpg. That's ~$75/person, iff you can get 15 people to commit. - Sai


Are we renting an RV? Tents?

I have an army surplus tent that sleeps 6 comfortably that I'm bringing... as with rides, please talk to me on IRC or in person if you're interested in sharing. - Ryanc

Does anyone have Yurt that could be loaned?