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* Jonathan Moore
* Jonathan Moore
* [[User:Mrdomino|Mrdomino]] - small tent, can provide transport
* [[User:Mrdomino|Mrdomino]] - small tent, can provide transport
* [[User:Snail|Snail]]
==Noisedome Cantina==
==Noisedome Cantina==

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Join the Noisebridge Toorcamp mailing list!

Noisebridge rocked the Missile Silo at ToorCamp 2009. We plan to return this year with more awesome and excellence!


Toorcamp is split up into several smaller camps. Noisebridge will be there providing space for people to sleep, eat, hack, teach, lulz, & drink.


Noisetown is open to anyone excellent. Please throw your name down (and join the mailing list) along with general tent info so we can get a good idea of how big of a space to ask from Toor. If you have any extra structures that can be used for public space, please email the mailing list with info!

Noisedome Cantina

Last year we had an awesome dome built by Miloh out of forged Japanese steel and the mercury tears of 1000 hacking babies. The dome might come back!

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