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Noisebridge pooped the Missile Silo at ToorCamp 2009. We plan to return this year with more awesome and excellence!

People's Republic f Nosebridge

Toorcamp is split up into several smaller camps. Noisebridge will be there providing space for people to sleep, eat, hack, teach, lulz, & drink.

Camp areas

  • Welcome Pavilion - A place to welcome folks and hack pytebeats
  • The Tower of Consenso - Our lighthouse
  • The Drama Cafe
  • Tentlandia: aka the Tent Grotto (where we practice our polyphasic sleep experiments)
  • Car Exile
  • We are being placed near HardHack to help out with that area and the workshops there

Todo list

  • Agree on camp suggested donation amount for food and other supplies
  • Figure out Pavilion and Lighthosue
  • Figure out lighting?
  • Ride shares and arrival times for group
  • Camp layout
  • Precook all of the food
  • Get the carports from American Steel

Need to tell Toorcamp:

  • List of people camping with us
  • List of people showing up early to help
  • Power requirements


  • Find Coleman 2 burner propane stove
  • Signs?
  • A Tower of Consenso?
  • Hammocks?
  • Kitchen pots and pans and other cookware

Things to bring

  • Tables
  • Chairs


PR0N is open to anyone excellent. Please throw your name down (and join the mailing list) along with general tent info so we can get a good idea of how big of a space to ask from Toor. If you have any extra structures that can be used for public space, please email the mailing list with info!

Remember to also throw your name onto the PRoN page on Toorcamp's wiki.

If you want to fly to Seattle and share a car to Toor, fill out Rideshare


Name Ticket SEA Arrival Camp Arrival Camp Departure SEA Departure Tent Dimensions Ride Camp food? Dietary needs Notes
Za 1 N/A 6th 12th N/A 2 person Bus? a plunder of bitcoin carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, a touch of nitrogen
Rubin110 Yes Crutches 8th 12th Minneapolis 2.1m x 1.5m Crutches Vegan
Hao I've a talk and two workshops n/a 6th? ride with pony or toorcamp's truck, don't know yet. 12th? get back with pony or toorcamp's truck, don't know yet. n/a I don't have tent with pony or toorcamp's truck, don't know yet. I'll pay average any food I need people to help me bring Noise-Bot to toorcamp.
Miloh Yup n/a early for setup 12th ++ n/a ~2m x 2m pony is $50 ok? will eat vegetarians. prefers sudo toddies and camel gonads if possible
Mitch Yes n/a 7th or 8th 12th? n/a ~2m x 2m with ALTspace I'll pony up! vegan I'll have lots of kits with me to teach soldering and Arduino
Snail Si! not bought plane tickets yet 7th 12th? not bought plane tickets yet not bought tent yet; will probably not be very big, only yay-big don't know I will pay a fair share when it has been priced. :P I need foods, plz. b-flat, c, e-flat
Brian Yes Haven't bought tickets, will join everybody else 7th 12th same as left 2m x 2m (at most) not a clue I'll throw down what's needed anything
Yesac yes will join everyone else 8th 12th see left 2.2m x 1.3m don't know count me in food must be made with love
Ben Yes 6th 12th 3.2m x 1.2m Bus Yes
Isis Need to give Leif BT for it! No Prefer my own food due to dietary restrictions...
Carlos Si! will join everyone else 8th 12th See left not bought tent yet; Don't know Count me in; pay bitcoins&cash None, I'm Mexican
Leif Yes 2.1m x 1.3m noisebus? yes
Ari Yes 8/3/2012 8/7 8/12 8/13 2.1m x 0.9m
No dairy. Yes to everything else.
Nic yes 12 sharing is caring noisebus?! Im with Isis and Alaric on bringing our own food that wont destroy us.
C. Alaric Yes I'm driving across the country, instead of flying. The 8th, if I'm lucky. 12th I have multiple tents, small ones, big ones, medium ones. Let me know if you need one! The small one is mine. I will need a ride from either SF or Seattle to Toorcamp. I have a few different options. Plan on bringing my own food stuffs due to being allergic to everything. Can share with others that are also allergic to everything.
Zephyr Yes n/a 7th whenever it ends ? unknown hoping to ride with someone rad i'll put down 50 food & water of any kind :)
mfb Yes 8th 8th 12th 12th 2m x 2m riding to camp w/ elijah just tell me what to pay :) omnivore but vegan preferred Ti, a drink with jam and bread
jtfoote Presumably TBD TBD TBD TBD 1m x 2m TBD yes please omnivore
Carl Not Yet N/A TBD TBD N/A 2 person? Bus? sudo make me a sandwich (and I'll pay) Omnivore. prefer non-spicy
Korin & Rouk Yes N/A 8th 12th N/A 2.5 x 2 m 2-seater will bring foodstuffs and contribute reasonable fundage Rouk can't eat wheat, corn, soy, rice, potatoes or any grains (barley, oats, etc). I did say we would bring supplies, right? We can also provide a 14x14' 8-man tent, a 10x10 freestanding shelter, a cfl and a propane lantern, and a two-burner 35,000 BTU propane stove and possibly other necessities. We also have a 65lb dog (well-behaved).
Shadow Yes n/a 7th/8th 12th n/a ~2m x 2m Driving from vancouver Yes Gluten Allergy Bringing foosball table, need space + power!


Email the list and add your name above along with the extra details if you're camping with Noisebridge!

  • Jake spaz no ticket
  • daravinne
  • Jonathan Moore
  • Jessy
  • Stew
  • Star5
  • Oliver Xymoron
  • rigel
  • mct
  • Neil K
  • Nathan

Camp Duties

Zephyr says: "I don't have a problem working at all, if anyone needs any help on any day with anything, don't hesitate to mark me down and let me know!"


Infrastructure packing and load out
Food Prep


Tuesday the 7th

Unload and Setup
Dinner Chefs

Wednesday the 8rd

Clean up and Trash
Dinner Chefs

Thursday the 9th

Clean up and Trash
  • C. Alaric
  • Nic
Dinner Chefs

Friday the 10th

Clean up and Trash
Dinner Chefs

Saturday the 11th

Clean up and Trash
  • Brian
Dinner Chefs

Sunday the 12th

Clean up and Trash
Tare down and load out


Infrastructure unload

Planning Meetings

Toorcamp 2012/Meeting20120626