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Noisebridge tour starts here!

This is a work-in-progress guided tour of Noisebridge to assist new people exploring themselves or wanting to give tours.

Explore the space and scan the signage for links to wiki tour info

How Noisebridge Works


Resource Stations


CircuitHacking.fw.png PiBridge.fw.png Botbridge.jpg FrontEndWebDevelopment.fw.png

Soundhacking.fw.png GamebridgeSignPage.fw.png NoisebridgeMeeting.fw.png RailsSchool.fw.png

Use Reader by Scan app for iOS or Goggles app for Android to scan QR codes on Noisebridge tour signs.

This tour is under development

For now, ask someone in the physical space to give you a tour or explore the existing wiki content.

Work to finish updating the tour experience and content

Things to be added to this tour:

A guided walkthrough of the stations:


Vending Machine with hacker doodads and a donations-based snack and drink fridge.


A Library full of books. There is also a collection of tabletop games.


The Digital Archivists are responsible for organizing the library, scanning books, and creating digital collections.


Fox Lounge

Lounge Area. Great for meetups, tabletop games, and relaxing, semi-private workspace.

Collaboration Station



Gaming Archive

An area to engage with historical games content.


  • Noisebridge Gaming Archivists meet here on Friday evenings.
    • The Noisebridge Gaming Archivists are all about the preservation, modification and enjoyment of video games of yore! Come hang out, play games, mod systems, make chiptunes or just chat.


  • NGALAC - Noisebridge Gaming Archivists Live Arcade Cabinet
  • Consoles and Games Shelf
  • Racing Station

3D Printing/Fabrication Area

Electronics Area

Sewing and Crafting Area

Dirty Shop

Sparkleforge/Clean Shop



  • water filters
  • coffee/tea makers
  • sink
  • bathrooms
  • cleaning supplies

Audio Research Area

Turing Room

Church Room

VR Holodeck

An area for experimenting with VR, AR, and games tech.


  • Gamebridge Unityversity is taught here, Tuesdays @ 7pm.
    • Gamebridge Unityversity is a weekly Unity game dev meetup and beginner-friendly class for anyone who wants to learn programming, game design, art, music, and how to teach game dev. All skill levels and kinds of game devs are welcome.


The Noisebridge Manual

Read the Manual to learn how Noisebridge works:

  • The Intro Poster content made into a clear poster or across several next to each other
  • How Noisebridge works
  • How to participate
  • How to donate for 24 hour access as philanthropist and eventually member
  • What you can do at Noisebridge

Resource Stations

Explore Noisebridge's many resource stations and scan the codes on the signs to learn more about each station's activities including how to use equipment and attend classes.

Noisebridge contains several resources that are at the physical space and in virtual space. These are available to both members and the general public.


A complete list of our resources is on our Resources page.

Project Spaces and Resources


Access Control

Bulk Orders


Sources for project components

To add to the tour and space

  • More tour guide signage
  • Posters on walls of classrooms and front calendar board listing classes taught
  • Audio/video tour of each station edited into a nice short video tour of the whole space.
  • Integrate tour with touch screen kiosk in the entrance