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Tour the National Ignition Facility with Noisebridge!

Date: August 11th

Time: 9am

How can I go?

I have attached to this email the release form we'll need to tour NIF. This will take literally two minutes (or less) to fill out.

Some important points:

1. Fill out the left side of the form completely. It has to by typed (no handwritten forms will be accepted).

2. DO NOT submit the form to NIF. Email it back to me zazenergy [at] gmail [dot]com and I will submit the forms for our group. I will keep your information completely confidential and once we are confirmed I will destroy all forms in my possession.

3. I need all completed forms by this Friday (7/10) to guarantee our placement.

Again, there are only 9 spots available, so the first 8 forms I get back will be signed up for August 11th. If we have overwhelming demand to tour NIF, I am more than happy to arrange a second tour on another date.

Fun fun fun!

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