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Why: A healthy distrust of paper goods.
Why: A healthy distrust of paper goods.
- [[SFSlim|Slim]]
- [[User:SFSlim|Slim]]
== Date & Time ==
== Date & Time ==

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There is some interest in a field trip to a shooting range to shoot guns in a Safe and Orderly manner. If you're interested, list your name below, along with any time restrictions and whether you are able to drive a carpool. The nearest range to 83C is, to the best of my knowledge, Jackson Arms in SSF.

No previous knowledge or experience is required. If you always wanted to try shooting a gun, this is a good opportunity for that.

Bay Area Ranges

Jackson Arms is an indoor 25 yard range, about a 15 minute drive from 83c. They require that an experienced shooter be at each lane, but an experienced shooter can share their lane with two or three beginners, provided that the experienced shooter passes a safe handling test and signs a form taking responsibility for the actions of the beginners they're supervising. I've gone there with large groups before and they've been accommodating and friendly. They have fun stuff to rent, and I think it's a great place to learn.

My favorite range in the bay area is the Chabot Gun Club range in Chabot national rec area in the east bay. It's a gorgeous outdoor range in parkland, but a bit of a drive, and only open when weather permits. They don't have rentals, so we'd need to bring our own supplies. The longer ranges make rifle shooting a lot more interesting than it is at Jackson. The longer drive, occasional fogged-out days, and lack of rentals makes Jackson the easier option however.

There are a few other ranges in the Bay Area as well, but I think these two are the ones worth considering. Noah

Range Trip Tonight - Tuesday 3/31/09

I just noticed this page about a possible NB trip to a gun range.

Coincidentally, just last week I had invited my friends (via Twitter) to join me on just such a trip. We'll be meeting tonight at Jackson Arms at 7pm, to teach a variety of sheets of paper who's boss. Y'know, with the opposable thumbs, and the science (gunpowder) and engineering and shit. Just so they don't try anything. You can't trust paper. Creeps up on you, when you're not paying attention. Gives you paper cuts. Or worse, partners up with words and turns itself into books, tryin' to infect your mind with ideas.

No. Gotta show 'em who's boss. Hang 'em up by their ears and punch lotsa holes into 'em until they're folding in their sheets. Let one or two live, so they can spread the word back to the rest of the ream.

THAT'S how you prevent a wood pulp revolution.

All Noisebridgers are welcome. If you have your own iron and lead, bring it. If you don't, the range has a small supply of rental guns and some overpriced ammo for sale on site. You may also be able to borrow weapons from those of us who are armed. But do ask nicely, and offer to pay for ammo.

What: Range Trip Where: Jackson Arms http://www.jacksonarms.com/ 152 Utah Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080 When: Tonight, Tuesday 3/31 7pm-10pm Why: A healthy distrust of paper goods.

- Slim

Date & Time

Business Hours: Open 7 days a week Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 9:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 7:00pm Hours are subject to change without notice.

Interested Parties

Rachel (have access to shared cars so can drive one carful)

Meredith (I own a handgun and can teach fundamentals)

Daniela - would prefer to not drive

Cristina - I am free during the week after 5:30; I do not drive nor have a gun but I am more than happy to use one. I call shotgun!

skye (i have shot previously but only with a rented handgun. more experience would be fantastic.)

Jtfoote Been meaning to do this for YEARS!

Al - Can I bring my Taurus 9mm?

Al - I will bring my Soviet-era M44 unless otherwise directed :)

jim - jackson arms does not require previous training. they have a policy not to rent guns to people who come in alone without a gun. solos with a gun or parties of two or more are okay. there's a reason. i have a car that can seat four (including me).

quinn - i'm interested, and have shot at jackson arm a bit as well, but i don't have my own gun. i have trained a n00b there.

Mikael - Interested, but never did anything ever. No car, no guns, no experience.

Matt - Uh huh uh huh uh huh. Count me in.

jof - Have only done prone target shooting with .22 rifles.

Mark - I don't own any firearms, but I've shot many calibers of handguns. (At Jackson Arms) No Car, will need a ride.

Jeffey Malone - I've an interest and a car that seats 4 passengers.

Rigel interest, have no car, have no gun, but have shot them a fair bit as a lad so im not a n00b. fridays and saturdays are bad for me, but sunday or during other times of the week are good for me.

Noah - I own a rifle and a pistol, and can teach

Christie - Trying out a shotgun over the weekend, I was reminded how much practice I could use. I have a van that can seat up to 7. Or more.

Al Sweigart - I'm interested.

David Stainton - I'm interested and I have two rifles.

Tracy Jacobs- count me in, I drive too much, don't shoot nearly enough, have truck seats only 2