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This is a page that Al is using to track how much money is being put into the T-shrit box above the T-shirts in the daily-storage rack (next to the payphone) at Noisebridge. He's only counting bills, not change.

1. First write down the date.

2. Count the amount of money in the box, and write this number down.

3. Remove some of it (leaving some $5 bills for change), and write this number down along with "(not transferred)"

4. Write down the amount of money left in the box after taking the amount out.

5. Write the difference in money that was first counted in the box from what was left in the jar in the previous record, and write this number down.

6. Write your name down.

7. When you transfer money from your bank account to Noisebridge, remove the "(not transferred)" text.

Date Counted In the Box Taken Out After Count Left In the Box Change Since Last Record Author of this Record
2010/12/06 $170 $155 $15 +$0 Mitch
2010/12/16 $95 $80 $15 +$80 Mitch
2011/1/12 $20 $20 $0 +$20 Kelly, This $20 was all from 1 individual, today. The box is empty.
2011/1/14 $40 $40 $0 +$40 Patrick, tshirt box fell on floor. 2 $20 bills were in the box. put them in locked donation box.
2011/01/15 $15 $15 $0 +$15 Al
2011/01/22 $215 $215 $0 +$215 Al

Note: If the amount of money in the relatively insecure t-shirt box, put it in the locked donation bin along with a note with 1) the amount, 2) your name, 3) the date. This will keep the t-shirt money from getting mixed up with the donation money.

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