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* [[User:mcgrof | mcgrof]] : [ mcgrof]
* [[User:mcgrof | mcgrof]] : [ mcgrof]
* [[User:chris-kun | chris-kun]] : [ saikochriskun]
* [[User:chris-kun | chris-kun]] : [ saikochriskun]
* [[User:gjtorikian | Garen]] : [ gjtorikian]

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There is a noisebridge account on twitter. It's usually used for assery, full or half, but announcements about events, various links and meetings are not out of the question. Feel free to follow us there.

To post to the Noisebridge Twitter account, join our IRC channel and type in "noisebot, help twitter" for further instructions.

Also, the noisebridge account follows various members who opt-in. This allows for a centralized way of finding all of us who wish to be found, for various twitter-related projects. Here's the opt-in list (If you're a noisebridge person and want to be followed, please put your name and link your twitter username at the bottom).

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