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-- United States Hackerspace Radio Network

NB Radio
will take the lead in working to create a total United States Hacker Radio Network. This will be a website & mailing list that will connect United States' hackerspaces to enable the USA wide production of Hacker Radio content. Hackerspaces nationwide will be able to tap into this content for use in their own local city hackerspace FCC liscensed FM Broadcast band radio station.

We will work together to help hackerspaces around the United States prepare their local city FCC radio license applications.

For instance, Clif, who is from Gainesville, FL, and is now living in the San Francisco bay area and affiliated with Noisebridge, might be able to assist with coordinating their own station, as well as possibly others.

--- 2013/09/17: Contact 10 biggest USA hackerspaces before next Radio meeting on 2013/09/24 Tuesday 5-8PM

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Mitch Altman <>, NoiseBridge Discuss <> Fri, 20 Sep 2013 5:47 PM

I can't say what the top 10 hackerspaces in the US are, but I can think of some cool hackerspaces to reach out to:

Artisan's Asylum (Boston)

NYC Resistor (NY City)

AlphaOne Labs (NY City)

Pumping Station: One (Chicago)
i3 Detroit (Detroit)

ATX Hackerspace (Austin, TX)!forum/atxhs-discuss

Arch Reactor (St. Louis, MO)
CCCKC (Kansas City, MO)
Heatsynch Labs (Phoenix)
Crash Space (LA)

California Hacker Spaces

Map of Hackerspaces in United States Is map. Is map.

Global Hacker Spaces

2n22 Tranny Transistor

US Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)