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Unexcellent behavior that makes people feel unsafe is grounds for being AskedToLeave the space.

Help! I was asked to leave the space!

Chances are you here because someone participating in the Noisebridge community asked you to leave the space and directed you to this page.

Why was I asked to leave the space?

You were most likely asked to leave because a someone felt you were being unexcellent towards the space or others in the space. This could include but are not limited to such things as...

  • Leaving the space in worse condition than you found it (e.g. dumping parts out of the hack shelves and not tidying up after).
  • Sleeping in the space, spending more time in the space than elsewhere as if you're living there, or basically living in the space (a violation of our renters agreement and city zoning)
  • Repeatedly leaving food out for longer than reasonable (e.g. leaving the space without cleaning up, letting half-eaten food sit on a plate for hours).
  • Any form of violence or hate (physical or verbal)
  • Theft
  • Being unreasonable or uncooperative when someone approaches you regarding conflict resolution
  • Anything in violation of Anti-Harassment_Policy, in the physical or internet Noisebridge space, towards the Noisebridge community
  • Coming back to the space after being asked to leave

I'm just going to ignore them and come back to the space!

Please don't come back to the space without seeking mediation and conflict resolution. Doing so will not help win over any advocates for you from the community. When someone is asked to leave, this event is communicated to the rest of the community. Coming back a few hours later or the next day will not magically erase these things. So please continue to the next section and follow those steps...

I don't think I should have been asked to leave, what can I do now?

  1. Send an email to [mediation-request@noisebridge.net] asking for help and Mediation. Do not use this email to explain what happened or what went wrong, the place for that is mediation.
  2. Participate and go to mediation.
  3. Come to a conclusion with the mediation that all parties are happy with.

If you return to Noisebridge after being asked to leave and not to come back without mediation, you may find yourself banned. We want to welcome as many people as we want into the space, but that only works if everyone is reasonable and open to communication. Thanks for understanding.

An example email to mediation-request@noisebridge.net:

From: Jane Hacker <jane@hacker.systems>
To: mediation-request@noisebridge.net
Subject: Mediation

Hi, I think I was wrongly banned from noisebridge. Could someone contact me?

You will be contacted off-list, as this mailing list is not for discussion.