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Hey! I'm Josh!

I've lived in the Mission for the past 3 years and have been dropping into Noisebridge every few months, since then.

I'm not a regular, but when I duck in, I love every minute I spend here. I was once part of a Tuesday meeting, too:

I'm a software developer, by trade, but like retreating to Noisebridge to work on my side projects, especially within the hardware domain.

I was a sponsor ('savior' or whatever term was granted then) back during the fundraiser, because I love Noisebridge and, I've donated some of my old hardware equipment here, with the hopes someone will be inspired by it and/or make something cool!

I recently moved into a smaller spot here in the Mission, so I'm hoping to use Noisebridge as a project space for some side projects I'd like to get rolling on.


Some things I'm interested in:

  • Douglas' synth class (not sure if he's still doing that)
  • any and all things LEDs
  • any and all things with a soldering iron

People who vouch for me[edit]

  • FooBaR vouches for AJosh.
  • Dana thinks Josh should be an associate member.
  • Ravyn sponsors Josh as an associate member of Noisebridge.
  • James