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My massive dick aches and growls like a hungry stomach as it bobs upward, stretching and throbbing. It pulses forward, growing another foot, reacting on its own to Alices command in an attempt to get there faster.
I step forward as my balls drag along my legs and knees, contorting and churning, slowly growing and filling.
I stand over her beautiful tiny shaking pale body and with a loud thud I drop my thick heavy dick head on her stomach.
Her eyes light up and she giggles as she watches through the foot wide gap between her huge jiggling milk filled breasts. She struggles to keep them parted as they continue to swell with her  growing excitement.
I slide forward, slowly dragging my oozing urethra across her stomach and into her creamy divide, leaving a big wet warm snail trail of pre cum across her damp ivory skin.
As I slip between Alices monster breasts, each one now dwarfing her tiny frame and slowly rising upward as high as my waist, she lets go and allows her breasts to smack back together.
Milk spurts from her nipples and flows downward over the tire sized wrinkled expanse of her hard pink areola skin.Pouring toward the three and a half foot slit of squishy cleavage between her breasts and out the bottom,the flowing spring of warm dairy fully lubricates her silky soft canyon of quivering tit meat.
I take another step forward and begin parting the heavy milk soaked bulk of her delicious tits with my pounding dick head.
"Ooooohhh......" Alice cries as her body tenses upward in an attempt to engulf more of my six foot erection.
The intense reaction of my pulsating dick tip to her flooded valley of velvety flesh is immediate as a warm rumbling shoots through our bodies sending a shockwave of goosebumps over our stretching ultra sensitive skin that stimulates our growth even more.
As I slip forward I tease her by moving slowly forward a couple inches and then back out, lightly dipping the tip of my cock into her warm tit chasm like a quill to milky ink.
Her eyes roll back and she spreads her legs allowing my pounding foot and half thick erection to slide over her bare dripping pussy.
Alice uncontrollably bucks her hips upward rubbing against my giant boner as it slides down her body like a warm slowly growing snake.
My dick head disappears between her breasts and I hear her begin to breath faster in a heavy sensual panting as she wraps her legs around me and begins guiding me forward with her adorable little feet.
Inch by inch she slips me in, stopping periodically to cum, causing her to squeeze my vibrating erection between her legs and rub the soft bottoms of her feet up and down my shaft,  tickling my taut sensitive dick skin with her little toes.
The feeling is beyond what my mind can comprehend and my vision blurs as I begin to feel faint. My knees start buckling and I feel a powerful orgasm building.
As I begin to thrust my hips forward I feel the wet cushiony skin of Alices breasts start to seal around my dick and pull me forward.
"Do you feel it? Ooohh! Its starting!" Alice screams as she lets out a mixture of laughter and orgasmic rapture.
I take another step forward and lean in quickly, sliding my dick all the way through and out the other side. I press my dick head into Alice, smearing her face with the overflow of clear pre cum gushing from its tip.
She screams as she grabs a hold of me and wildy slurps up my sweet nectarous cock syrup, that acts as both an aphrodisiac and a stimulant to her unwavering growth and raging libido.
I lock up as my balls tighten and balloon out. My body tingles and I fall to my knees. "Whats starting?...Whats happ...aaahhh!" I yell as I feel the sensations of an orgasm surging through my dick and body.
Throwing my head back, my throat clenches and my body begins to shake, but nothing happens. The feeling intensifies as my dick becomes harder and begins growing at a steadier pace.
"Oh god! Oh my god! I feel your big fat, hot, heavy, growing cock between my tits! Ohh (pant) your doing it! (pant) This is it! (pant) what we've been waiting for! Oooohh!"
Alice grabs the sides of her breasts and squeezes them together, making her volley ball sized nipples bulge forward six inches and gush out twin waterfalls of warm milk on all sides.
Spreading my arms out I hug the under portion of Alices ballooning tits and squeeze. Milk blasts up ten feet in the air in geysering streams that crash down on our bodies.
I bury my face between her trembling weather balloon sized milk mountain's and guzzle the enslaving, honey flavored, tit cream river pouring down the center.
I stick my tongue out and lick upward between Alice's breasts while I slowly stand back up. Gulping down mouthful after mouthful of her exquisite dairy discharge as it flows through my body, giving me the energy and strength to control the heavy eight feet of growing dick meat in front of me.
I uncontrollably thrust my hips forward, causing my colossal cock to stand at attention as it shoots upward and out of Alices tits, hardening and extending even further.
Easing it back down I rest the hulking length of my gargantuan boner between the slowly rising cushiness of Alices breasts. Allowing her delectable never ending spring of milk to soak my dick as I gradually drop back down between them in a heavenly milk drenched seesaw motion.
"Eric! Dont...ahhh.....stop! Ooohhh....fuck them! Aaahhh......Fuck my tits! Alices screams as her dainty body bucks wildy under the humongous magnitude of five bathtubs full of milk sloshing around in her bloating snow white breasts that now stood as high as my chest and completely blanketed her.
I lean forward, resting on her rounded gelatinous bed of tit. Pushing my dick all the way in to the hilt as I slowly scoot my aching balls forward along the floor, slightly parting the underside of her breasts where her delicate, feathery little feet were waiting to rub and tickle my pulsating, sensive, wrinkled sac skin.
I then grab an arm full of fluttering basketball sized nipple on both sides and squeeze my head between them, licking and sucking on them both as gallons of milk flood down my backside and cover me in a warm blanket.
Alice screams at the top of her lungs, her voice echoing through the thick milky sex filled air that permeates the cathedral of flowing white silk.
I rear my butt back in an exaggerated motion sliding my cock back and out by two feet. Pulling forward on her nipples, I use them to sling shot forward, pushing my rock hard dick back through and out the other side, extending it a few more inches with the powerful hump.
Milk blasts out in huge sprays that drop back down in a white rainy mist with each thrust forward. A silence comes over the room as we both overload our senses and bodies, succumbing to a primal lust for more.
I increase pace as I lose control of my body and a warm tingling begins eminating from between Alice's tits that are now moving on their own like a steady ricochetting wave.
Between them her skin moves and contorts,  massaging my dick like a thousand little hands rubbing milk into it as they push and pull.
I feel with the sensitivity of a thousand cumming erections for every lunge of my exploding dick into her giant wet hypersensitive tit void, humping and sucking on her nipples with a unquenchable desire for more. More divine milk, more luscious jiggling tit and more pulsing dick to fuck them with. I dont care about anything else. Only pleasuring Alice.
I Want her more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. I feel as though I belong to her, like a personalized instrument specifically for her ecstasy.
Her nipples bulge outward as they each grow larger than my head, slowly engulfing it as I squeeze them together in a circular motion around my ears.
Alice remains silent with her back arched and her mouth wide open in a state of sexual bliss as she catches the increasing flow of precum welling up in my rupturing dick head.
The room begins to spin and my sight falls backward into my head as the warm electric tingle growing from the friction of our massive love parts spreads through my dick and balls. Taxing my body, I feel faint as my nine foot erection twitches hard, jerking the milk off Alices gigantic breasts, that were now as tall me, in a cascade of white pearls.
Still squeezing her giant nipples between my arms, I slowly rise up and off the ground. My balls fill and expand at a much faster rate, pushing me upward. Now using the natural roll of the ocean of milk inside her I move forward and back, sliding my erupting dick through as it billows out the other end and drags across Alices face.
The tingles fluttering through my body intensify as they roar back through my dick, bloating it, immediately causing it to double in girth. I uncontrollably yelp out as my body goes limp and my balls tighten.
"This is it Eric!....ohhh my!.....aahhh.....ohh my fucking god!.....ive waited my whole....ahh! for this! Cum! Cum for me Eric! I...oohhh......I need it! All for me! Its all for! This is our time!... (pant)... Our time to ascend! (pant) To fuck like gods for eternity! Alice screams as she orgasms over and over.
I lift my head up and grab onto her rumbling nipple as it extends forward. Its spongy pink form was two feet long and as thick as a beachball. I squeeze it with both hands releasing a fire hydrants blast of milk into my open mouth regaining my strength. I fuck wildly into the swaying water beds of tit as my balls continue to churn and swell, tightening and rising when suddenly a jolt of energy shoots from my balls through my dick causing it to harden and bob upward throbbing and bouncing with my heartbeat. Growing more with each throb until a thunderous rumbling begins and my mind falls backward into a white light as the blood rushes out of my head and body. I fall into a warm golden glowing orgasmic coma for a brief second and am quickly brought back as Alice screams out at the top of  her lungs in a primal howl of sexual frenzy.
I let go and feel weightless as buckets of clear stringy fluid spurt out in time with my heart. I begin to scream too when all of a sudden the doors to my room burst open and a group of women all in tight pink latex nurses uniforms storm the room.
I cum hard as it erupts in a thick soupy jet. Alice shrieks as she grabs for it, only to be restrained and covered by the other nurses. She fights with them like a feral animal desperately trying to lap it up. "Do not allow her to have a single drop! She'll bring the whole goddamn place down!" A voice commands from outside my room.
With the little bit of strength I have left I lift my head to see the tall skinny woman walk in. Her blonde hair is disheveled and she has a labcoat drapped over her half naked body. She carries a large glass dome attached to a hose that runs out into the hall. As she slowly steps up to my spewing dick she eases the dome over the tip. It suctions to me and begins pulling the cum out from inside me.
I yell out as my body weakens and I grab for Alices nipple again.
The tall blonde lady touches my face and shushes me. "There, there now. Theres no need for that anymore my dear." She whispers sweetly as she places another suction dome over Alices nipple. "My my, you have been busy havnt you Alice? Breaking out of your room and knocking me out, which hurt by the way. And locking me in a utility closet and taking my clothes. This wont do young lady. This wont do it all. You've been so good up till this point. How could you even know we brought Mr littlewood here?" The tall woman asks as she picks up the glasses Alice placed on my night stand, wipes them clean and puts them on.
"I feel him! We all do! He belongs to us you fucking bitch! Alice bawls as the nurses drag her away from me and begin vacuuming the milk from her and fitting her with another metallic vest. "Whatever she tells you Eric dont believe it. They want to "cure" us!  But this is what we are meant to be! We belong together! All of us! You have to.."
"Thats enough from her!" The tall woman interrupts as she steps over my limp body and squats down. "Im so sorry for that, but your okay now. Im here." She says as she runs a finger up my dick and across my stomach and chest. Licking the excess cum and milk from her finger she places a clear mask over my face and begins gassing me. "My name is Alexandra and your all mine." She whispers in my ear as I slowly drift off.

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