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Alas "jsk" [yesco] Jonas S Karlsson see [[1][]].

My personal email is, phone 415-533 8752 .

I'm a long time member (since 1987) of [[2][Lysator]] an University computer club created in Sweden at Linkoping University in March 1973. It currently has about 600 members. I've been part of the board for 3 years (2x secretary + 1x member). Annually there is [[3][NUCCC - Nordic University Computer Club Conference]] in different participating countries. From Lysator various interesting things have happened; NannyMud, Elfwood, Pike/Roxen, [[][Runeberg (a Nordic "Guthenberg")]], [[4]LysKOM - a computer based conference system (superior to News/Groups/Mail]].

So Lysator has long time been one of the enclaves of true hacker-culture, inspired by it's counter parts in USA at the time. Ironically, Europe is now re-infusing and re-inspiring the hacker culture in USA...

Personally, I have interests in storage, scalability (scalable distributed storage structures), database kernel implementations, fast prototyping web-ideas and concepts before they "happen" in the main-stream. My name BuddhaHacker is chosen to reflect my interest in the spiritual side of Buddhism and it's idea of contentment and enabling people to be what the are - fully. I lead a meditation group at work, that has now been going on for 2 years, and I regularly do meditation, cooking-meditation, and have previously done motorcycle-meditation, tai-chi-meditation ;-).