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== Projects ==
== Projects ==
* TWI: ze best Tangible Wireless [[IMU]], a tiny and low power wireless motion sensor (see hard & soft on [ hackster])
* [ TWI - Tangible Wireless IMU]: a tiny and low power wireless [[IMU | motion sensor]], made in noisebridge.
* [[Circuit Hacking Mondays]]
* [[Circuit Hacking Mondays]]: I try my best to help you hacking electronics ;p
* [[Interactive_Cubes_Workshop|Sifteo hacking workshop]]
* [[Interactive_Cubes_Workshop|Sifteo hacking workshop]]: learn how to program the best hackable platform ever!
* [[Coding-Interview-Practice|Coding Interview Practice]]
* [[Coding-Interview-Practice|Coding Interview Practice]]: coming soon...
== Associate Member Sponsors ==
== Associate Member Sponsors ==

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  • InterHacktivity
  • Music, sound, noise
  • Embedded systems, robots, art, multimedia...


People call me drix, I started to come regularly in 2012 and I became an associate member on Dec 3rd 2013.

I like hacking hardware as much as software, let me know if I can help ;)




Associate Member Sponsors

  • merlin: I'm vouching for Drix! He's a top-notch hacker and a spectacular guy.
  • thex (talk) 20:03, 3 December 2013 (UTC)
  • Jarrod is happy to sponsor Cedric.
  • mischief +1
  • Mitch Cedric is welcome at Noisebridge as far as I'm concerned.
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