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I am also known as Valkyrie. It's an old name that I resurrect from time to time and will be more likely to respond to it than my real name. The internet also knows me as longobord. That name is never taken.

I used to know more than I do now. Long ago I studied the bit with the electrons floating around. I miss it. I liked signal theory a lot.

I am not so good at the lifting heavy things business, but that doesn't always stop me, considering my ongoing love affair with molten metal.

Me and robots I am the one who's not a robot. I help with the orb robot on my left.


/etc/passwd entry

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 21580 --gecos 'Christie Dudley' longobord
# awk -F: '$1=="longobord" {print}' /etc/passwd
longobord:x:21580:21580:Christie Dudley,,,:/home/longobord:/bin/bash

ssh Public Key


longobord at gmail is my most direct email.
I'm also found at:

  • c.dudley at ieee org
  • christie at flaminglotus com
  • longobord at most of the popular places.

longobord on twitter, gtalk, etc.
Valkyrie` and Valkyrie`` and sometimes even Valkyrie- on irc


I have an odd constellation of interests. These are pretty much the leading ones, in no particular order:

  • Making gadgety things do things they weren't intended.
  • Personal liberty and privacy, technically and legally.
  • Space exploration, intermediate steps headed towards the moon as a model for outward expansion
  • Robots because I don't understand why we don't have these already.
  • Light-based art, including LEDs and fire and pyrotechnics


Still getting these sorted. Perpetually. Here are a couple of things that have been rattling around in my head:

  • Designing and building robots that can move independently or when attached to each other.
  • Probably something with LEDs, including acrylic light pipes. Maybe some cast resin.
    • Work with Zedd on getting the counter top lit
    • LED fingernails
      • Need to find the smallest battery available.
      • Get some SMD resistors to match.
    • LED "beading" on clothing
    • LED "light" staff. Completed, did a 5MoF talk on this easy project.
  • Wearable interfaces Preferably input devices, as heads up displays are more obtainable.
  • Learning new things, like German, only that's a pretty old thing really.

I have (had?) all the parts to build a tesla coil I think I should do that someday. I also like to arrange for people to come to the space to talk about cool stuff.


I have many allergies. I get tired of reminding people of my current list of allergies my doctor has advised me about, so I put them here:


Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening form of an allergic reaction. I have only had this once in my life, but I am at a very real risk, so the more people who know about it the better. If I collapse and turn blue, chances are I am in anaphylactic shock. I always try to carry an epipen somewhere on my person. (Jacket chest pocket or handbag or something.) Take it out, pop the cap and stab me with it in the thigh RIGHT AWAY. Although I tend to react slowly, if I'm already blue it means I'm already dying.


Egg, Cheese, Brewer's yeast, baker's yeast, Almonds, Cow's Milk, Wheat


Cats: I have had many second-hand reactions to cats. I am so allergic, I am sometimes allergic to people who have cats, which is very unfortunate. Oh, and ferrets happen to fall in this category. It's my cat allergy that has caused anyphylaxis in the past, so if I get really excited about it, it's just my concern about continuing to remain alive.

Mold: This crops up in odd things. Artificial smoke machines are horrid for this. Cheap cigarettes sometimes have mold. "fresh air" after a light rain is often quite full of mold. It doesn't matter if it's living or dead, it will still bother me.

Dust: I'm not being rude when I decline to help clean up anything that's been sitting for longer than week or two. Vacuuming often makes this worse, even with a great filter, simply because you're stirring it up.

Other: I'm also allergic to dogs, pollens, fragrances and other random stuff, but these are either not as serious or immediate as the rest.

Irritants: If I'm having an allergic reaction to something else, any stuff in the air (smoke, cleaning chemicals) even if I'm not allergic, will worsen the condition.