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I used to know more than I do now. Long ago I studied the bit with the electrons floating around. I miss it. I liked signal theory a lot.

I am not so good at the lifting heavy things business.

Here is a picture of me, but I'm told it doesn't look much like me with my hair all up like that.

This one looks more like me. Me and robots I am the one who's not a robot. I help with the orb robot on my left.



/etc/passwd entry

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 21580 --gecos 'Christie Dudley' longobord
# awk -F: '$1=="longobord" {print}' /etc/passwd
longobord:x:21580:21580:Christie Dudley,,,:/home/longobord:/bin/bash

ssh Public Key



longobord at gmail is my most direct email.
I'm also found at:

  • c.dudley at ieee org
  • christie at flaminglotus com
  • longobord at most of the popular places.

longobord on twitter, gtalk, etc.
Valkyrie` and Valkyrie`` and sometimes even Valkyrie- on irc


Still getting these sorted. Perpetually. Here are a couple of things that have been rattling around in my head:

  • Helping design and build low-cost robots out of (relatively) easily obtainable parts. Haven't named the project yet.
  • Probably something with LEDs, including acrylic light pipes. Maybe some cast resin.
    • LED fingernails
    • LED "beading" on clothing
    • LED "light" staff. Completed, but should do an instructable.
  • Wearable interfaces
  • Learning new things, like German, only that's a pretty old thing really.

I have (had?) all the parts to build a tesla coil I think I should do that someday. I also like to arrange for people to come to the space to talk about cool stuff.

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