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==Patrick Keys==
* citizenkeys AT gmail DOT com
* Contract Work - a sustainable approach to actually paying people (!!!) for doing specific work for Noisebridge
* Event Management - archive of prior events, pictures from events, making NB a more desirable event venue
* Forums - Improvements to the new Noisebridge forum system
* Marketbridge - an idea for an ecommerce site for all the stuff we make at Noisebridge or trade for donations (t-shirts, kombucha, etc)
* Mini-craigslist - a mini craigslist for Noisefolk to offer/obtain goods and services
* Project Management - a shared project management system that everybody can use
* Publishing - printed noisebridge brochure, introduction to circuit hacking, fundraising information
* Web-based photo gallery - a Noisebridge photo gallery with a separate album for each event and an album of projects made at Noisebridge
* Web-based voting - a system to allow Noisefolk to conduct votes electronically for anything Noisebridge-related
* Xen server - a hypervisor server so everybody can have root on their own virtual machine
===Wiki Entries I've Created or Edited===
* [[Apps]]
* [[Bathrooms]]
* [[Carpool]]
* [[Circuit Hacking Kits]]
* [[Diversity]]
* [[Hack-Make Space Comparison]]
* [[Income]]
* [[Labels]]
* [[Lockers]]
* [[Meeting Notes Archive]]
* [[Metrics]]
* [[Reservations]]
* [[Snackbridge]]
* [[Moving/2169_Mission]]
==/etc/passwd entry==
# adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 369 --gecos 'Patrick Keys' citizenkeys
# awk -F: '$1=="citizenkeys" {print}' /etc/passwd
citizenkeys:x:369:369:Patrick Keys,,,:/home/citizenkeys:/bin/bash
ssh-rsa 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 hello world

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