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Stephen Michael Clark

Game designer and hacker/builder. I'm not an anarchist; I'm a communist. Resident of the Mission district. Longtime Noisebridge community member, but initiating formal process to become associate member now in the current contexts.

Interested in: applications of advanced study of history and sociology to strategy game design. (Can the format of a video game be used to create an advanced 'model' applying game theory to historical probabilities and contingencies which would then attain a general social purpose for theoreticians or anyone wanting to learn about history?) Socio-political hacking and deconstruction of complex systems toward improved human efficiency. (From an anti-capitalist standpoint, in theory and praxis in relation to the system of law and property itself, which contains built-in 'exploits' for innovative tacticians. ie, the law and system can be 'hacked' metaphorically and intended from the highest social ethical motives.) Presenty learning advanced programming languages at a reasonable pace. Bio-hacking: Finding ideal nutrition and rest/attention patterns toward maximum individual and social efficiencies for humans.

I understand and care deeply about Noisebridge as an improving work space and may have unique thoughts on ideal political pathways toward continuing improvement.

In the past I have enjoyed participating in advanced internet trolling but that has nothing to do with my activities at Noisebridge.

I have a sociological interest in: the oti and irl intersections between state surveillance and 'black hat' hacker surveillance, including overt FBI staging of major hacking events in the recent past (Antisec).


Seeking Associate Membership Sponsorship


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