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== About ==
== About ==

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I'm the really tall redhead. Super official bio is on my website [1].

Talk to me via email: mmartiniere at gmail dot com or Twitter/IRC @creativetaboo

I am a community engineer by passion and trade. I work with community organizations, hackerspaces, coworking spaces, hackathons, technology startups, and R&D labs to help them create a collaborative, sustainable, and scalable communities.

Been in and around hackerspaces since 2009. I worked on this documentary on hackerspaces [2], help out Power Racing Series [3] and have had a part with PS: One [4] , Freeside ATL [5], Dallas Makerspace [6], and Idea Engine (founder, R&D lab).

In my spare time I like to play with microcontrollers and small-scale robotics. Sometimes I write articles about wearable technology and bio-hacking. I moonlight on comic book and science fiction book covers, thanks to some very neat friends.

Let's collaborate and make something awesome!


If you want to know how to do any of the below, don't hesitate. I love to teach.

Community development Life and mind hacks Sewing Fiber Arts (Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, etc.) Basic electronics HTML, CSS, Wordpress Brewing and liquor infusions


Things I know a bit about, but would love someone to help me learn more!

Arduino Rasberry Pi Ruby on Rails Robots "Internet of things" Biology/ecology/SCIENCE


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Council Member as of 1/14/2014 [7]