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== About ==
== About ==
Dana Sniezko
Dana S.
dsniezko at sonic dot net
dsniezko at sonic dot net
[https://twitter.com/danasf_ Twitter] [https://plus.google.com/108837287519644459412/ Google+] [https://facebook.com/dana.sniezko FB]
Inactive, but long live Noisebridge!
I'm something of a generalist. Currently having fun mending broken things, working with LEDs!
== Recent Projects ==
[[File:LEDRainbow1.jpeg|300px|thumb|right|Blinkenlights are fun!]]
[[File:LEDRainbow1.jpeg|300px|thumb|right|Blinkenlights are fun!]]
* Environmental monitoring sensors
* [http://www.instructables.com/id/Use-a-1-ATTiny-to-drive-addressable-RGB-LEDs/ ATtiny and LEDs]
* [[Coffee_Roasting_101|Coffee Roasting Workshop]]
* Occasionally facilitating Tuesday night [[Light_Patterns_with_LEDs_and_Microcontrollers|LED workshops]]!
* [http://instagr.am/p/G729oQtWqf/ Mason Jar Lamp] 
* DIY Headlamp & bike lights
* [http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hackupy/IR_Illuminator IR Illuminator]
* Constant current drivers
== Interests ==
* mapping / GIS / geospatial
* biology and bio-hacking
* bicycles
* cooking
* LEDs
* photovoltaics
* wearables
* embedded systems and sensors
* web development: javascript, php, python, postgres, mysql, etc
* tech for community development
== SSH Public Key ==
<pre style="overflow:auto;">ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAuROsChuOTgQaysY5Xb7UzsJGqzjYdcjqfqacaiIMaBqXFg8uyVxCPoUip6fFU1EI1193Ig5WtsoB6X6kTBKr+tUQ2dZOLqwDFWQl+AcPZ/lX5fk0pDzivdsHzaBPHDN+oLiNlSnIiYGJyGQ+Q5pcMjwDA4Q+UvEIbnxRLKWSqp1AOJXnJDNjp7DyX5opEcSrn5P9jFXTR00Gey49cTmH3erejAX8+O5dwxqT0lAm6CYV4yDC1sMnPsjw0xnflH7BR06XCgDbNB8N2b1s9EgHIe8CVaiAf6csTR1nJh9Rr6oDX6GBVQnsL/42mBgFgzSQBGcmws06MzCqE+NwAZrEFw== dana@danacomputer
== Add User ==
# adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Dana S' dana

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Dana S.

dsniezko at sonic dot net

Inactive, but long live Noisebridge!

Blinkenlights are fun!