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Hi! I'm an entomologist & science teacher. My projects primarily focus around bringing technology & maker skills to kids. Right now I'm working on teaching my students the basics of circuitry and soldering through light-up greeting cards.

Associate Membership Sponsors

  1. I'm Tom Lowenthal and I think that Hannah should definitely be a Noisebridge associate member. She should probably be a regular member too someday. I've signed a note to this effect.
  2. I'm Praveen and of course Hannah should be an associate member. I'm not even sure if this associate member approach is a good implementation to begin with though.
  3. Snail is advocating her membership because I have gotten to know her quite a bit and am 98% certain she is not a rabid lagomorph.
  4. I'm merlin, and I approve this message. Member. Associate member. Thingy
  5. Lizzard approves this message as well. Yes, Hannah should be a member, any kind of member. Bug power!
  6. I'm Al Sweigart and I think Hannah should be a member.
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