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About Me

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I do things. Sometimes they work.


Current Projects

Upcoming Projects

  • Giant Space Explosion twitterer with mct.
  • Live Google Sky view
  • Bacon powered computer
  • Noisebridge air force

Completed Projects

Contact info

IRC (dr_jesus) Email: Phone: (0x7eb418)*012^1 in the San Francisco area code.

SSH Public Key

ssh-dss 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 2009-2


# adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31337 --gecos 'Dr. Jesus' j

For Future Reference

I don't think Keller's staff really looks all this stuff up, or that they'll figure out what I'll do for smoked sea salt.

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