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I'm another person named Alexander 也叫蒯乐. I live in [[Oakland]]. I've started showing up on Tuesdays and [[Mandarin Corner|studying Chinese]]. I'm also interested in the [[darkroom]]; I'd love to get back into printing color...keeping my eyes peeled for a developer.
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=== Chinese goals ===
* memorize 甲乙丙丁戊己庚辛壬癸
* learn how to use 于 and 与
=== miscellanea ===
For fun, I like
* riding and repairing and learning about [[bicycles]]
* [[photography]] (digital and analog... documentary, landscape, long exposure, panoramas)
* light-weight programming ([[Python]], [[Perl]], [[PHP]], [[Javascript]]...did a little in [[C]]/[[C++]] a long while ago...don't really like [[Java]] or [[ASP]])
* 学习[[Mandarin Corner|中文]](是个文学士) and other languages in general
* using and messing with [[OS X]] and [[Linux]]
* [[word games]] (especially [[Scrabble]]), [[Go]], [[Chinese Chess]]
* good [[coffee]], but more often [[green tea]]
Would like to learn more about...
* electricity, since I barely understand how these things I use all the time work on a physical level.
* [[lockpicking]] is interesting stuff that I don't know much about.
* [[machine learning]], [[genetic algorithms]]
Also interested in, to differing degrees,
* art... visual, music, kinetic sculptures, )'( stuff
* environment... recycling, efficiency
* philosophy/religion... Buddhism, free will
* law... human rights, privacy, copyright
* fire... everyone likes fire
* booze... bourbon, beer
=== contact ===
* email: <tt>alxndr</tt> at gmail
* [[IRC]]: <tt>alxndr</tt> or sometimes <tt>drwxrxrx</tt> on freenode

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