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I'm another person named Alexander 也叫蒯乐赞 (or if there are too many Alex/Xander/Alexanders in the room, Lex). I live in Oakland and am helping get Ace Monster Toys chugging. I'd love to get Mandarin Corner going again but there doesn't seem to be enough interest. I'm also interested in the darkroom; I'd love to get back into printing color...keeping my eyes peeled for a developer.


For fun, I like

Would like to learn more about...

  • electricity, since I barely understand how these things I use all the time work on a physical level.
  • lockpicking is interesting stuff that I don't know much about.
  • machine learning, genetic algorithms
  • internal combustion engines and how to take care of them and the vehicles they're in

Also interested in, to differing degrees,

  • art... visual, music, kinetic sculptures, )'( stuff
  • environment... recycling, efficiency
  • philosophy/religion... Buddhism, free will
  • law... human rights, privacy, copyright
  • fire... everyone likes fire
  • booze... bourbon, beer


  • email: alxndr at teh gmails
  • IRC: lekz on freenode (occasionally aka alxndr or drwxrxrx)