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[edit] Contact

  • Paste this into your location bar and press enter

[edit] Projects

[edit] Meevoo

Video-photomosaics. Each frame consists of a photomosaic created using frames from the original video. The audio is unaltered. Current script is written using perl, imagemagick, mysql, and ffmpeg. Speed concerns may force me to eventually migrate to some other technologies. But hey, it has come a long way since the original script compared raw frames using system calls to imagemagick's compare program (at the rate of about 1 frame per day).

[edit] Finished Examples

[edit] Interests

Subject to alteration and spontaneous revolution.

  • vvvv (10/12)
  • Processing (9/13)
  • Spore (9/4)
  • Digital art (8/4)
  • Web design
  • Photography (digital/film)
  • Music
  • Virtual worlds (secondlife/opensim)
  • Microcontrollers
  • Pretty colors
  • Things that sound cool

[edit] Reference

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