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I'm a theoretical physicist, software developer, and musician, currently living in Austin, TX. I'm out in SF quite a bit though.

I have a PhD in theoretical physics from UT Austin, and a BS in physics from UC San Diego. My doctoral research dealt with building string theoretic models of QCD-like quantum field theories at strong coupling, via the AdS/CFT correspondence. You read all about it here (warning: hella taylor expansions).



@fineline179 on twitter



  • vForms is virtual environment for information organization for windows 8 (lol sorry like 99.999% of people reading this). Ask me about it!


  • String Theory
  • AdS/CFT
  • The holographic perspective on quantum entanglement entropy, and its implications for space/time emergence (ie the program spearheaded by Von Raamsdonk, and of course ER=EPR)
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistical Mechanics (I'm particularily interested in learning about/implementing boltzmann machines, and their applications to real-world systems -- eg work by Bialek. See also his textbook)
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Rational (ie phenomenological) discussion of mysticism in general
  • High Explosives
  • Saxophone
  • Learning Python
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Cooking (mostly Chinese and Mexican)

Some Publications

The Stability of Non-Extremal Conifold Backgrounds with Sources

The Non-SUSY Baryonic Branch: Soft Supersymmetry Breaking of N=1 Gauge Theories

Plasticity and learning in a network of coupled phase oscillators

Multi-user communication using chaotic frequency modulation

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