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Our mission is to reuse and recycle electronic waste, place refurbished computers with free and open source software in our communities, provide education and job training, use environmentally responsible e-waste handling practices, and operate under consensus decision making.

We're currently meeting on 2nd and 4th Mondays at 19:00. Contact us if you would like to join!



Bitcoin Wallet


ssh public key

 ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC7Qc0DJGTr9xbAA5eA5NPbEe6yxAoovlUlfcsQWraT3EvYkoZATcEXQgDEG7J1CFn3+QDc4SM0hrm3iIAuNopMKKDmrAGwC87EeMMrQSbIEORJmz7gvKrc70zkX14Mq7lwcpkhN9pnxVRpzLnAqfT7um3Jl5K9bvJvh2s6gLu9EMHSpJvzOMsRK86E9w25BcVqjxR5lovEcApEolFBnY+WRd8JatHqe1rk5EJJuM4pg6Kosy3mI4EIAX4HWb5lTCfot+YjU1uDeQG79VcRqBV9YL6rjASdfya6jLsE9SAXhFP5dka1u/e676NF6U9I0I6TgOffizvNNAamv

/etc/passwd entry

#adduser --gecos 'Douglas Barton' --shell /bin/bash douglasbarton

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