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Food justice - Public Growing

Based on voluntaryism principles of taking neither government nor corporate money, I am trying to build a web application for allowing people to grow food in open, public space for free. And I need help!

Guitar Improvisation Class

I want to teach a class on Rock Guitar Improvisation.

Kids who went to Berklee because they were inspired by Steve Vai, got govt-paid "financial aid" and student loans, and finished only to have $80,000 student loan debt, which they slavishly repay over the next 10-20 years, working a job that requires a "bachelor's degree".

There is no good reason why the cost of music school must be so high.

Stuff I like


I like to play and teach. Some of my musical influence include J.S. Bach, Paul Gilbert, and Yngwie Malmsteen.


Currently studying martial arts (not so good at). In the past, strength training (very good at) and parkour (not so good at).



I wrote many articles on former, comp.lang.javascript newsgroup, and the c.l.js FAQ.

I've built things for companies where business needs weren't necessarily geared towards generating actual value to the world.


Professionally trained at School of Traditional Thai Massage. I practice deep work, ideal for those who exercise hard (like me).

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