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== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* griffin {AT} griftastic.com Email
* griffinboyce[at]gmail.com Gchat and public email
* griffinboyce[at]gmail.com Gchat
* [https://twitter.com/gurifunu gurifunu] on Twitter
* [https://twitter.com/gurifunu gurifunu] on Twitter
* +1-609-445-4127.  Call me, I'm friendly! =)
* +1-609-445-4127.  Call me, I'm friendly! =)

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  • griffinboyce[at]gmail.com Gchat and public email
  • gurifunu on Twitter
  • +1-609-445-4127. Call me, I'm friendly! =)

Project Interests

  • Mental Health
  • Telemedicine
    • Rural Access Initiatives
    • Transgender Health in Restricted Locations
    • Mental Healthcare Access
  • Life-saving online privacy measures such as The Tor Project
  • Privacy-related technology
  • Ethical public policy and procedures
  • Health care for low-income medically-needy individuals
  • Historical Cryptography, Ciphers and Codebreaking
  • Telephony
    • Telecommunications security
    • Physical security

Pimpernel Polyscience

Pimpernel Polyscience is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research in the public interest and promoting technology for at-risk populations.

  • Taffy is an addiction-medicine app for smartphones currently under development. It is based on ongiong GLBT research projects funded by Kaiser Permanente. Griffin is too uncool to be a part of the official research projects, but in an effort to keep the data relevant is moving forward with making use of the research. The goal is to make the apps available to those who need it most and advocate on behalf of low-income addicts who wish to get sober.