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  • griffin {AT} Email
  • griffinboyce[at] Gchat
  • gurifunu on Twitter
  • +1-609-445-4127

Project Interests

  • Mental Health
  • Telemedicine
    • Rural Access Initiatives
    • Transgender Health in Restricted Locations
    • Mental Healthcare Access
  • Life-saving online privacy measures such as The Tor Project
  • Privacy-related technology
  • Ethical public policy and procedures
  • Health care for low-income medically-needy individuals
  • Historical Cryptography, Ciphers and Codebreaking
  • Telephony
    • Telecommunications security
    • Physical security

Pimpernel Polyscience

  • Pimpernel Polyscience is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing research in the public interest and promoting technology for at-risk populations.
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