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  • (preferred)
  • +1-415-680-3964 (urgent only)

Project interests

  • Python programming (my day job)
  • Teaching the UC Berkeley Work Certification two-year program materials "Linux Administration" to anyone focused enough to do the homework and come back


GPG public key

pub   2048R/36703FB2 2012-05-28 [expires: 2017-05-28]
      Key fingerprint = F27C A351 FD01 0F45 0D2B  1431 DBCB DF2F 3670 3FB2
uid                  Glen Jarvis ( <>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 7125]
sub   2048R/E6B30D73 2012-05-28 [expires: 2017-05-28]

ssh public key

ssh-dss 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

/etc/passwd entry

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Glen Jarvis' glenjarvis
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