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I am passionate about programming (Python and C mostly, although I know other languages) and hardware. What flips the switch to be 'six years old' again is historical computing (like the Commodore-64) and being able to build a computer from the ground up. I have a degree in Computer Science and took Computer Engineering courses just for this purpose, but I still don't have my head around all of microprocessor design (I think I just need to hack at it and try to see where my gaps are).

I currently work at UC Berkeley in a Phylogenomic Lab and am becoming interested in Biology web lab stuff (one of my weakest areas is suddenly becoming a passion).

I try very hard (but often fail) to stay focused on a few small areas. I'm currently in the expanding phase and loosing some of that focus :(

Current projects include:

  • Teaching the UC Berkeley Work Certification two-year program materials "Linux Administration" to anyone focused enough to do the homework and come back
  • An Arduino temperature incubator (for Tastebridge and for my e.coli experiments)
  • Much more -- but staying focused today.
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