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Our only rule: Be excellent.

I grew up in the area, and I'm happy I've found a place like Noisebridge to foster my ambitions.

Interests: JavaScript, Ruby, Linux Sys Administration, Python, Graphic Design, Soldering, and COFFEE to name a few.

Always willing to help with your projects, find me on IRC or at Noisebridge.

Current Projects:

Primer: Intern at PrimerLabs helping to develop a video game that teaches children how to program on computers, in Unity Script, nearly identical to Javascript.


Intergrating the KZSU concert calendar live list ( into Google Maps API. I was a DJ for many years and this would greatly benefit venues and performers.

Phase 2: implement other types of events, via better configured node js scraper, and scalable database.

Phase 3: expand outside SF

Phase 4: integrate links to artists songs, profiles, descriptions and build a music community on the site for users to share their experiences.

Phase 5: implement rating system for the project so users can give feed back on events.

Phase 6: create a system which learns from users ratings and suggests events.

ssh public key: ssh-dss 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 gnnr

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