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"Alice I......" Im at loss for words as I am overtaken by my lust and appreciation for her. She stands up and holds my dick up in the air. It is now four and a half feet tall and over a foot thick. She hugs it wrapping her entire body around it. "I love it! Im in love! Its like a dream Eric! Holding me up she licks from the bottom to the top as she kisses the tip. She lets it drop back down to her feet dragging it down her body before it hits the bed. She then steps over my quaking boner and drags her toes across it intentionally tickling me as she drops back down to stradle me again.
Getting some attention.
I sit up to meet her and press my face into her breasts as I hug her body squeezing her closer to me, my erection bobbing up and down behind us. She grabs my head and presses my face deeper into her cleavage as I lick between her breasts squeezing them together and sandwiching my face in them. "Oh yes thats my favorite spot Eric. Dont stop, please dont stop!" I continue licking deep into the entire expanse of her chest with big sloppy smears of my tongue. Uncontrolably humping upward, my dick shoots straight up into the air falling forward onto Alice.
The weight of it pushing her into me. I am overpowered by my desire to fuck,  with a hunger I had never felt in my life. It is a empty aching feeling that consumes my being as my super sensitive dick grows and feels with the sensation of a hundred raging hard ons. I grab it with both hands and squeeze it towards Alice and me, sandwiching her between my body and monster dick. I keep humping upward against Alices backside as her ass slowly spreads open around my dick.
She lets go of her breasts and reaches behind her grabbing my pounding erection and pressing her body and face into it as she slides up and down it, stopping every couple of minutes to ravenously lick and kiss it. "Ooohhh this.....uhhh......is......ahh!.... heaven! Thank you so much! Thank you! She smiles at me and giggles panting heavy. "Now its my turn! Hee hee!" With my face still buried between her breasts I look up at her. "what do you mea...." I try to ask with a mouthful of tit but am interupted by the answer as her breasts rumble and begin firmimg up from the inside out.
Slowly rounding out they grow bigger around my face as I keep licking between them. "Oh fuck.....yes! Keep doing that!........Lick and suck.....Oooh!..every inch....ahhhh...of them as they.....Ohhhhh!.....grow!" In awe of what Im hearing I rip my hands from my growling dick and grab her tits. Reluctantly pulling my head from them I watch in disbelief as they slowly swell in my hands and towards my face. "How is this happening?!" I ask in amazement as my mind and body juggle the overflow of sexual tension and fantasy with the reality of what was happening to me and my mind..... and our bodies. "Im like you Eric."
She pants softly as she looks down at me and brings her hands to my face pulling me back towards her now double d breasts. "We are special. Beautiful sexual beings capable of impossible feats. Able to feel more, desire more, sense more and want MORE!" Her breasts continue to grow dropping down to my shoulders as the weight and pressure of them slowly wrap around my neck and they flow past my face.
"You have never been able to fully realize your potential because of your experience but now you are with us and everything will be different! We will reach pleasures unattainable by normal people, share fantasies never experienced by anyone anywhere!" My erection intensifies and stands straight up on its own growing another six inches both ways. As if awakening and reacting to Alices commands and desires. My churning balls tense up and begin growing bigger, spreading my legs apart as they fill up like a baloon to a faucet. "Mmmmm Eric I can feel your desire! I can feel your lust and raw sexual energy oozing from your dick! Its all for me!"
Pushing my face out from between her big, growing, soft, round breasts that were now bigger than my head she lifts one up and places it a few inches from my face. "Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." she lightly coos as she giggles nervously. My eyes focus on her hard pink nipple that was now two inches long and one inch wide, as both her breasts and nipples grow larger and closer to my awaiting open mouth. She squeezes them together, pushing them forward and into my mouth as a gush of warm liquid splashes in and out of my mouth, dribbling down my chin.
  Its delicious and sweet like honey. "What just happened!?" I lick my lips desperately searching for any excess. "Do you like it?" Alice asks bashfully giggling. "Your the only one whos ever had my milk. Is it good?" She looks at me with big blue puppy eyes hoping for my approval. Already covetous of the little bit of her sweet tit cream that I was fortunate enough to taste, I grab her beachball sized breast and squeeze, blasting my face with her warm milk. It sprays into my open mouth as I gulp down as much as I can.
Each mouthful tingling throughout my body in a orgasmic rush that revives my body and surges through my dick making it grow another few inches both ways as my basket ball sized nuts continue to grow, tighten and tingle. "Its the most delicious thing Ive ever had! Your the most delicious thing Ive ever had Alice." She screams in excited relief and extreme sexual rapture as her fantasies are fully realized. "Ooooohhhh! Suck my nipples! Suck out every last drop of my milk! I want to soak your body in my milk! Oooooh I want to soak your gorgeous dick in my milk!
She hops off of me and kneels at my side bringing one huge tit to my mouth and the other to my exploding dick that was now five feet tall and a foot and a half thick. Wasting no time I grab her huge sloshing milky tit and bring it to my mouth. Her apple sized nipple beats like a heart as it grows faster towards my mouth in eager anticipation to be licked and sucked on. I wrap my mouth around it and suck hard as a huge tsunami of her delicious white tit nectar floods my mouth, blasting out in violent sprays as her breast reacts to my sucking by growing bigger and faster.
I am overwhelmed as the sensations from her milk and my all consuming erection overload my mind and I choke on her seemingly never ending flow of milk as it splashes all around me saturating my body and sheets. Alice rubs her other big hard nipple on my boner and soaks it in a spray of warm milk, tickling my tight dick skin as it trickles down my shaft and onto my stomach. "Yes! Ahhh! Ooohhhh!
Its....its everything Ive always wanted! I want more! Oh my god! I want to be bigger! Suck me! She falls back onto the bed with her huge beanbag chair tits and parts them with her arms as she holds them out beckoning me to come to her. I stand up, my knees shake under the added weight of my dick and balls as I lift my dick into the air. The weight and density of it is staggering as I point it towards her, my huge balls now hanging just above my knees. "Put it here." She commands as she rubs the center of her chest between her spread percolating breasts.

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Getting some attention.