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That is me

Software hacker (C, C++), Hardware hacker (mostly Atmel microcontrollers, next step FPGAs). Have a CNC machine almost ready to use :) A little bit of woodworking (building my own furniture).

Espresso addict.

I like to play with LEDs

One of my current projects is to build a controller for 3D printers as a cape for Beaglebone Black

Here are some pictures I took on the Noisebridge Toorcamp tour 2012

I am rarely at NB physically mostly because derailing local politics seem to have favored all kinds social constructs except local Hacker culture. Many hackers are gone by now :(. Maybe this can be fixed. I want to help install an RFID reader to help keep the door shut in certain times and grant access to the ones that hack.

So let's get the bureaucracy done - Guess I need to be in the Applicant Category then to get the needed sponsorship hanging out there without someone watching me :) So, whoever knows me and likes me to hang out more often, can you give a little note as described in the Associate Membership description ?

So, vouch here :)