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I'm new.

I'm about to graduate from ex"""pressionz college for the digital arts with a degree in sound arts.

I like noise(s). Let's make noise together.

I'm most interested in playing with Processing and Max/MSP.

I'm also looking to improve my rudimentary understanding of electronics through a number of projects. My current idea right now is to build a primitive 'game system' that runs on the arduino (think Video Ouija from ATHF ). Arduino TV looks like a good way to generate the video, but I haven't tried it yet.


music : Aceface Bandcamp / Myspace

irc: jock

aim: europagrinick

pony junk

ssh-dss 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 switch@omoma

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos 'Jack Perkins' switch
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