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Ken M. Haggerty (2011)

Ken M. Haggerty (b. 1989) is an alumnus of MIT and former contractor at Google. He currently resides in the Castro in San Francisco, CA, and is interested in helping Noisebridge however he can and however would be most appreciated.

Ken M. Haggerty

Ken was born in Louisville, KY, to parents Kevin Haggerty and Rie Yoshimura. He has one older sister. Ken grew up in Tokyo, Japan; London, UK; and Summit, NJ, USA. In 2011, Ken graduated from MIT with an S.B. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and a minor in Architecture. Ken then worked for a year as a contractor at Google [x], where he did user experience research for Google's self-driving cars project.

Ken is currently pursuing independent studies in app and business development (as seems to be the norm in SF...). He has taken classes in startup law and startup financing and has self-taught Objective-C / iOS app development and nonprofit law.

Ken is having fun with his Noisebridge profile page because he is interested in how UI can make you feel important even when you're not :p







  • Click • (upcoming) Everything's starting to ...
  • Flow • (upcoming) Organize everything.
  • Threeo • In progress. A beautiful new card game for iPhone® and iPod touch®.
  • Self-Driving Cars • 2011-2012. Performed user experience research. Assisted in UI design and review.
  • Google Glass • 2011. Ideation.
  • Institute for Research in Cognitive Sciences • 2011. University of Pennsylvania.
  • Technique, the Yearbook of MIT • 2008-2011. Managing Editor, Design Editor, Journal Editor, Darkroom Manager.
  • Visual Statistics Group, MIT • 2011. Undergraduate research assistant.
  • Computational Visual Cognition Laboratory, MIT • 2009-2010. Undergraduate research assistant.
  • Arts Communication Council, MIT • 2010-2011. Member.