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  • kimm2006 on the mac dot com server

Working on at Noisebridge

I like big ideas that can change everything. The problem is that (if one is honest) such ideas are (as defined by Nicholas Taleb) pretty much always Black Swans. By definition a Black Swan is pretty much impossible to predict, as it comes out of seemingly nowhere. So from what I can tell, the next best thing is to expose oneself to many possible positive Black Swans (big, scalable ideas), while also remembering what Leui Pastor suggested, “In the fields of observation, chance favors the prepared mind.”

Open source, crowd sourcing, and internet-enabled social media strike me as an amazing, modern-day mechanism of such discovery. My current project revolves around putting these things together in what I hope will become a “big idea” for fun and scalable social change. I’m currently looking for early collaborators. If the above sounds interesting to you, please find me so we can talk.

Random Facts

  • Moved to San Francisco from Atlanta in 2008
  • Currently live in Burlingame
  • Grew up in Germany
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