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$ whoami[edit]

  • Handle: korfuri
  • Email: uriel at
  • Legal handle: Uriel Corfa

$ cat[edit]

Latest at [[1]]

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQD71naufQazIY5O8AXNlH5Ql1aU6FUqbuvM6+GwuVlHmyMApmZUwtuPYQumNCngADYC0hTxsU7laOlVUFY1cvfoo2SKA7z7/YXxCp1kXOMLkhy66+J7VjRVbOv2S0Smx7qjOxEgFi0v089HWT3KtTnQkPBMEJ1ejvdK9/reYTBEYA9XteQ48bz/xLc9OMwqHhA/02YZiUQHQiQuRmbAtAnXxibLmIxbmU39n22cna5MmwKRMNXy4oxiSIRnassF9KzHK7EyJNAjzJD4hRHs098/959lHyceCxPJNPA8g2KCdpEoRnxNWJjRHYOlH/BlkSNNc7EKEZ0lS8hwSV9tR159


  • Enter Noisebridge (door was broken I think)
  • Ask someone to give you a tour (thanks User:kalessin)
    • Ask them how they learned about Noisebridge
  • Attend a Weekly Meeting
    • But don't stress if you can't
  • Create a Wiki User Account
    • Create a user page.
    • Copy this to-do list to your user page. Strike out the tasks you've accomplished.
  • Join a like-minded Mailinglist
    • Send a message introducing yourself
  • Try and comprehend our particular flavor of collectivist anarchy by reading the Hours page.
    • Don't worry if it seems a bit strange.
  • Clean up something that needs cleaning
  • Befriend a member.
  • Be excellent in a new and surprising way
  • Get a proper tour of the Dirty / Wood shop.
    • Don't be afraid of the scary tools.
    • Fingers grow back, right?
  • Attend Circuit Hacking Monday
    • Meet Mitch
    • Buy a kit and build it.
  • Take a class
  • Learn how to use the Jukebox
    • Play some awesome music.
    • Rock out.
  • Set up a recurring donation
  • Create an account on Pony, our illustrious file server
    • Poke around. Find some lulz.
    • Upload new lulz.
  • Become familiar with where we as a community have been by listening to Rubin drone on about the histories of Noisebridge
  • Edit a wiki page that could use some improvement
    • Add something to this list
  • Learn to use the vinyl cutter
    • Make a sticker for your laptop.
    • Make a sticker for somebody else's laptop
  • Learn how to use the sewing machines
  • Learn to use the Lasercutter
  • Learn to use the 3d printers
  • Give a class
  • Give a newcomer a tour
  • Apply for Membership
  • Get a Hackerspace Passport
    • Add a Noisebridge visa
  • Help out other more newbie newbies
  • Hack the planet