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Hi. My name is Leif Ryge. I'm frequently wiretapped on the internet. (As is
everyone, it turns out, but in my case it's also a nickname I often use.)

I like free software, freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy,
and well-informed consent. I originated in area code 707 slightly more than
thirteen years after the UNIX epoch. I've spent a significant portion of my
life in area codes 415 and 510. I am presently (as of August 2013) traveling in

== On the web ==

I have an infrequently-updated weblog at and a
very out-of-date web page at I sometimes put things
on github at, and my wikipedia user page is I used to be an avid user of; somehow in the post-yahoo transition I lost my old username (leif)
so my ancient bookmarks are now at instead. My
most frequently-updated presence is currently

My Noisebridge user page, which is presently the canonical home of this
identity document you are reading, is

== Shell access ==

If you want to make a shell account for me, paste this into your root shell:

adduser --gecos 'Leif Ryge' --uid 7711 --shell /bin/bash leif
mkdir -p ~leif/.ssh
cat > ~leif/.ssh/authorized_keys <<'EOF'
ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAIKyHIzVcB4RDviXqnoxZw9TKNv2dxF/PQtD+05zvei4Gf3Hi46ImUtXzFhLUONwHm+yK/uojcAgs113S7Mcokmr8gwcbYdbksHvc/yjebowFs5eZPYtVf718MQ6rXOAAn17m9pGR5iYFrzUdyweuqwoGZjs5bCvRvB2isfGenrnAAAAFQDquxSOXoxK65tLY+2L9XXuJE8NpwAAAIAd0ZPj0+UCylwUBf3wEFYQBue5SZheYbUha2sVHI6YNQAEBpibLVzr3oJAzxvV8Ts7powrDtgsuJgMGQCdz45rUAZ2SLdiGCJWyofbbO0yGx2gBJOYTH24CkrhW7x9Zm0jtfYfuI1X268N/Yrn85loSj3+Zus4/YfqPYXi8nVWhAAAAIBos5XxpIylpsicOrhW0bU8A3OccqmMNKDGklU9q2SaqEspFrRTGFBzusp2jDxvwt2gWlJVwOeCkpehpbXTKaF1mdjEeMJfOq4MHRlG8XzdBoMDQvuYUf2P3Gu92wdIDQ3uyFQGTd8IZ6rIlrOTcwyMyeuqWj8mYCZ3qXTNLUsW+g== leif
cat >> ~leif/.bashrc <<'EOF'
python -c 'print (lambda r,w,h:"\n".join("".join((" ","▲")[c]
for c in s)for s in reduce(lambda a,y:a+[[r>>(a[y][x-1]*4+a[y][x]*2+a[y][(x+
1)%w])&1for x in range(w)]],range(h),[[0]*(w/2)+[1]+[0]*(w/2)])))(90,63,31)'
chown -R leif:leif ~leif
curl | mail -s "account created"

If your system's SSH port isn't internet reachable and/or you want to create a
Tor hidden service for me to connect to (and it is a Debian-based system), skip
the last command above and instead run these commands:

apt-get install tor
cat >> /etc/tor/torrc <<'EOF'
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/ssh/
HiddenServicePort 22
killall -1 tor
gpg --recv-key 16D542C49D6751E8
cat /var/lib/tor/ssh/hostname|gpg --trust-model always -ear 16D542C49D6751E8 |
mail -s encrypted

== How to contact me ==

I am not currently reachable by telephone. If you know my phone number, please