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>=== miscellanea ===
=== miscellanea ===
For fun, I like
For fun, I like
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* booze... bourbon, beer
* booze... bourbon, beer
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=== contact ===
=== contact ===

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I'm another person named Alexander 也叫蒯乐赞 (or if there are too many Alex/Xander/Alexanders in the room, Leks). I'd love to get Mandarin Corner going again but there doesn't seem to be enough interest. I'm also interested in the darkroom; I'd love to get back into printing color...keeping my eyes peeled for a developer.

I live in Oakland and go to Ace Monster Toys more than Noisebridge.


For fun, I like

Would like to learn more about...

  • electricity, since I barely understand how these things I use all the time work on a physical level.
  • lockpicking is interesting stuff that I don't know much about.
  • machine learning, genetic algorithms
  • internal combustion engines and how to take care of them and the vehicles they're in

Also interested in, to differing degrees,

  • art... visual, music, kinetic sculptures, )'( stuff
  • environment... recycling, efficiency
  • philosophy/religion... Buddhism, free will
  • law... human rights, privacy, copyright
  • fire... everyone likes fire
  • booze... bourbon, beer


  • email: alxndr at teh gmails
  • IRC: leks on freenode (occasionally aka alxndr or drwxrxrx)
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