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What kind of oil to pour into Toyota Curious to know which oil is right for your Toyota? But the answer was incomprehensible or incomplete? Is synthetic oil suitable for your Toyota and in general what kind of oil to pour into the engine of this car brand? The recommendations in this article will help you understand this often difficult issue.

What you need to know when choosing an oil for Toyota When choosing motor oils for the lubrication of engine parts from a wide range of synthetic oils, there are a few things to know.

First, some comments about synthetic oil. This oil has fewer impurities than conventional engine oil. In addition, it often has better properties at high temperatures, marginally better viscosity, and is generally more wear resistant than other engine oils. It would seem, obviously, that synthetic motor oil is better for your engine. But don't jump to conclusions.

The choice of synthetic motor oil depends on several things: 1. The first reason is the change interval for your engine oil. As we have already said, synthetics can work in rather harsh conditions, which means, as a result, such oil quickly loses its properties as the load on the engine increases. But unlike mineral water, such oil, thanks to the modifiers included in it, does not give a single chance of damage to an engine part. Simply put, the synthetic kit provides you with some safety net.