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Hailey looked at her phone to see who was calling. It was her boyfriend, Sandy. She knew she had to pick up. Sandy was sprinting from wherever he was to get her. “Hello?” Hailey spoke in a shaking voice. “So you’re in the second floor bathroom?” Sandy asked as he swiped into Uder Hall. “Yeah, I’ll come out.” “Okay, I’ll see you.” Sandy hung up while leaping up the stairs. Before getting out of the bathroom, Hailey took a last look in the mirror to adjust her bra. Although her breasts spilled over the bra no matter how hard she shoved them in, Hailey’s baggy shirt concealed the bulges rather well. She had not decided whether to tell Sandy about the growth episode that just happened. So, it was best for Sandy to not notice anything for the time being. As soon as Hailey opened the bathroom door, she was startlingly pulled into Sandy’s tight embrace. Sandy had always been physically affectionate. But Hailey didn’t know Sandy would be standing right behind the door and hug her the second she opened the door. Hailey’s breasts hurt as they were still tender from the intense eight-hour growth spurt. Her nipples hurt especially. But she didn’t care. She was too happy to be in Sandy’s arms. “Are you okay?” Sandy softly whispered into Hailey’s ear. “Can we just go back? I just wanna sleep.” Hailey replied as she felt tears gathering in her eyes. “Of course. We can talk whenever you feel comfortable.” On their walk back, Hailey’s erect nipples kept hurting from chafing against her bra. It felt as if someone was scraping her nipples with sandpaper. Her breasts also hurt as they quivered. Because of their weight and firmness, they did not jiggle per se. But even the slightest movement in her breasts caused her pain as they were still extremely tender from the eight-hour growth spurt. As a result, although their dorm was only two minutes away, Hailey could not bear the pain any longer. “Sandy, can we just rest here for a bit?” Hailey asked. “Yeah, of course!” Sandy replied. “Thank you. I’m sorry about all this.” Hailey spoke as she sat on a nearby bench. “Are you kidding? There’s nothing for you to feel sorry about.” Sandy kissed Hailey on the forehead before sitting next to her. “You wanna just lie down and rest your head in my lap?” “No, it’s okay.” Hailey actually did want to lie down. It’s just that she couldn’t with her bra on. When she lied on her back braless, Hailey’s breasts sprawled out to each side of her torso. Although her spilled breasts forced Hailey to have her arms point out or upwards, they did not exert any weight on her. But with a bra on, her breasts would rest atop her torso. And because their combined weight comfortably exceeded sixteen pounds, they felt like bricks crushing into her chest. Lying down on her side or her front was out of the question as well. Because her breasts still felt excruciatingly sore, putting any weight on them was not an option – whether it was the breast on top squishing the breast below or her entire upper body crushing down on both breasts. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” Hailey asked. They always slept together on the weekends but never on week days. So Sandy was caught off guard as it was only Wednesday. “You sure? I mean if you want to, I’m happy with that.” Sandy replied. “Yeah, I think it’ll make me feel better.” Hailey undressed the second she and Sandy got into his single room. A warm shower was the only thing on her mind. She grabbed Sandy’s towel, wrapped it around her, and headed straight to the communal floor bathroom. Without her bra on, Hailey’s breasts wobbled uncomfortably under the towel as she walked. Her nipples also poked through conspicuously. Anyone from ten yards away could spot them. But worst of all, her breasts sagged like nobody’s business. In fact, Hailey looked more like a pregnant woman than someone with obscenely huge breasts. If Hailey had been going to the shower from her room, she would have worn a bra and a bathrobe over it, avoiding all these issues. But Hailey didn’t have the energy to deal with her roommates who would no doubt ask her questions out of worries. As much as she appreciated their concerns, Hailey needed to process her situation first before talking to anyone about it. When Hailey got back from the shower, Sandy was already sound asleep. She then quietly put on one of Sandy’s t-shirt and got into bed. And since she didn’t have any clean panties to wear, Sandy’s t-shirt was all she wore. Hailey felt awkward but didn’t really care. She thought, ‘I mean at this point, does it even matter? Sandy’s seen my pussy like a hundred times. He’s also fingered me multiple times.’ As exhausted as she was, Hailey had trouble falling asleep with so much on her mind: ‘Should I even go to class tomorrow? What if there’s another growth attack? But then I can’t really miss class because I need a 4.0 to stay on the scholarship. Or, I should go to Student Health Center tomorrow morning! Yeah that way, I won’t be marked down for absence. But who cares about scholarships if my breasts make school impossible? Oh my god, that won’t happen, would it!?’ Eventually, the exhaustion overtook her and she fell asleep. But after an hour or so, Hailey woke up from a tingling sensation in her nipples. In a matter of seconds, the sensation spread to her entire breasts. It felt as if the insides of her breasts were twitching and expanding at the same time. Hailey could actually feel her breasts swelling and growing. With all the blood gushing in, they started to heat up. She felt dizzy and nauseous from the intense throbbing. In fact, when Hailey gently put her hands on her breasts, she could feel her blood pulsing through them. With every pulse, an orgasmic sensation rippled from the nipples to her entire breasts. There was no doubt in Hailey’s mind. She was about to undergo the most aggressive growth spurt she had ever experienced. Hailey could not help but moan from the wave of orgasms cresting ever more strongly. She tried to hold it in, fearing she might wake up Sandy. But it was no use. “What are you doing?” Half-asleep and confused, Sandy asked Hailey. “I can’t…” Hailey struggled to speak. “You can’t what?” “Get me wet (indistinct).” “Get you wet? You want to?” Sandy inquired as he positioned himself to suck Hailey’s nipples. “Wet (indistinct).” Taking her reply as a “yes,” Sandy gave Hailey’s nipple a light kiss. Her nipple was already hard and incredibly warm. It aroused him. “Ah!” Hailey shrieked from an orgasmic sensation from her nipple overflooding her entire body. Although Sandy was surprised to see Hailey react so strongly, it nevertheless turned him on. He gentled rolled her nipple with his tongue. To Sandy’s dismay, Hailey was silent. She was still too. Sandy gently shook Hailey to see if she was messing with him. But still, there was no response. Convinced that Hailey was playing a trick on him, Sandy started to suck her nipple. Again, Hailey wasn’t responsive. ‘Oh damn it! She must have been sleep-talking. That’s probably why she was slurring her words. I can’t believe I got hard from her just sleep-talking,’ Sandy thought to himself, ‘I wonder if Hailey knows she sleep-talks. I should ask her tomorrow during lunch.’ Of course, Hailey was not sleep-talking. She had been fully awake the whole time until she passed out the instant Sandy rolled her nipple with his tongue. Hailey was in fact trying to tell Sandy to get her wet towels she could use to cool down her breasts during the growth spurt. When Hailey regained her consciousness, she found herself alone in Sandy’s room. Hailey was beyond confused: ‘Why am I in Sandy’s room? Is it the weekend already? Wait, there’s no way because I definitely went to class yesterday. What happened then? Did I just come over and pass out? Wait, then why is it dark outside? I should just check the time.’ As she got out of bed to get her phone, Hailey sensed a definite change. Her breasts felt noticeably heavier. Then it hit her: ‘Oh my god! That’s right, I remember now. I had a growth spurt during the day and another one at night. I must have fainted last night when the growth attack became too much for me to take. How much did they grow?!’ Hailey lifted her breasts with her hands to feel their weight. They felt markedly heavier. ‘Shit! I’m so screwed! Will they even fit into my bra anymore?!’ Hailey hurriedly put on her bra to see how adequately or inadequately the cups would contain her breasts. It was beyond clear. Her breasts were now at least two cup sizes larger. They were spilling all over the top and to the sides. In fact, the spillage at the front was so pronounced that it looked like she had four breasts. Even Hailey’s baggy shirt failed to conceal the enormous spillage at the front. No matter how hard she stuffed her breasts in to her bra, it clearly showed through the shirt. ‘What the fuck am I going to do? I can’t walk around like this! Not without a newly fitted bra. But I won’t be able to get fitted for a new bra until I go back home this weekend. And I won’t have the new bras until next weekend. And more importantly, I should see Dr. Prince as soon as possible to stop all this.’ Hailey picked up her phone to call her mom. There was no other choice. She would have to go home and skip school until her new bras arrived. “Hello?” Her mom answered “Mom, you have to pick me up right now.” “Hailey, what are you talking about? We said I’d pick you up on Friday. It’s only Wednesday.” “I know, Mom. It can’t wait. I need to get fitted for a new bra as soon as possible!” “Why? What happened?” “They grew. They don’t fit in my bra anymore.” “Wait, are you sure? I mean, don’t they get a bit fuller a week before your period?” “Yes, I’m sure! And it’s still two weeks till my period. I’m telling you my breasts grew yesterday. During the day and overnight. I fainted during the growth spurt last night and when I woke up it was ten o’clock.” “Oh… how bad was it?” “Pretty bad. Actually, it’s really bad. Mom, we can talk later. Just come pick me up right now.” “Okay, if that’s what you think is best. I’ll call you when I’m there.” Her mom hung up. There were dozens of unread text messages on Hailey’s phone. But she had no intention of reading them. She knew half of them would be from Sandy asking her if she was okay and the other half would be from her friends asking the very same question. The truth was she was not okay; her breasts, after three years of not growing, underwent two aggressive growth spurts in a day. Although her birth control was a likeable cause, she had no idea what actually prompted those growth attacks. And worst of all, she didn’t know if there was more growth to come. Hailey quickly finished packing and anxiously waited for her mom to arrive. She prayed to God that neither of her roommates would walk in. Kate and Emily were great friends. But Hailey just really needed to be alone. Besides, she was not at all ready to disclose the details of her medical condition. Luckily, her phone rang much sooner than expected. When Hailey got back home, she felt so relieved. At least for now, she didn’t have to worry about her ill-fitting bras. Her family knew Hailey suffered from gigantomastia. No one would think her as being indecent or promiscuous. In fact, they all knew how she had to contend with her breasts constantly outgrowing her bras during high school. She even felt comfortable enough with her mom and younger sister to be braless around them. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel awkward about her oversized breasts with her father and brothers. In fact, she could still vividly recall one particularly embarrassing incident with her older brother Sean. It happened when Sean was driving Hailey back home from her high school choir concert. As Sean drove over a nasty pothole, the jolt caused Hailey’s blouse to pop open. The top four buttons flung away as Hailey’s ample cleavage came busting out. Had the blouse not been so tight, it might have never popped open. Unfortunately, it was as tight as it could be with Hailey’s breasts having grown two cup sizes from 32H to 32K since she got the blouse tailored. Nothing inappropriate transpired in the car. Sean only caught a glimpse when one of the buttons hit him and he turned to see what had just happened. Hailey also quickly covered her exposed cleavage with her hands. Still, the very fact that Hailey’s breasts were now so big that a pothole could cause them to bust open made Sean and Hailey beyond uncomfortable. They didn’t talk the rest of the drive home and ended up avoiding each other for days after. As embarrassing as the pothole incident was, it paled in comparison to when Hailey’s dad was nurse her. During the winter of her senior year in high school, Hailey came down with a vicious flu. She could hardly feed herself let alone get out of bed. And to make matters worse, Hailey’s mom caught the flu from Hailey as she nursed her. So the responsibility of taking care of Hailey fell on to Mr. Miklosovic. Like any father with a teenage daughter, Mr. Miklosovic knocked before entering to make sure it was okay for him to come inside. Mr. Miklosovic was fully aware of how insecure and self-conscious Hailey felt about her breasts. So he was determined to not say or do anything unwittingly to make her feel worse. What Mr. Miklosovic didn’t know was just how much her breasts sprawled out to each side of her torso when lying on her back. Why would he? Mr. Miklosovic sat on Hailey’s bed to give her some water. But Hailey wasn’t strong enough to get up and drink the water herself. In fact, she could barely speak. So Mr. Miklosovic leaned on his left arm as he held a glass of water close to Hailey’s lips with his right hand. But instead of drinking, Hailey squeezed out a barely audible noise. It sounded like she was in pain. It was right then Mr. Miklosovic realized his left hand was pushing down on Hailey’s breast. He hadn’t noticed because Hailey was all tucked in and her breasts were under the covers. Because she was so sick, Hailey didn’t have the clearest memory of the incident. All she remembered was that someone accidentally pushed down on her breast quite painfully. Hailey figured it must have her younger sister Lily while she was trying to checking in on her. As sweet and caring as she was, Lily was quite clumsy and prone to hurting others and herself. Hailey only found out that it was actually her dad when he apologized after she got better. She wished her dad hadn’t told her as the revelation made her awkward relationship with her dad even worse. Hailey kissed her mom goodnight and went to her room. As she brushed her teeth to get ready for bed, Hailey became nervous of what diagnosis she would get from Dr. Prince. She had been seeing Dr. Prince since the onset of gigantomastia and she was slated for an appointment tomorrow. Although he couldn’t stop her growth, Hailey appreciated Dr. Prince gave his best. He was also able to prescribe some medications that got her through some severe growth attacks. Now she would be hearing from him what was behind her last two growth spurts and if they would continue at his office tomorrow. “Hi, Hailey. It’s nice to see you again. How have you been?” Dr. Prince greeted Hailey as she walked in. “Hi, Dr. Prince. I’ve been good. Thanks for asking.” “So I heard from your mom that you underwent two aggressive growth spurts in a span of a day. Am I correct?” “Yeah. The first one lasted about eight hours. It started at like three in the afternoon. And then the second attack came later that night. I don’t know how long it lasted because it became too intense and I ended up fainting. When I woke up, it was the night after…” “And I’m assuming that you’re spilling out of your bra from those two growth spurts?” “Yeah. I think they grew up about three two sizes. I haven’t gotten measured yet though. And they feel much heavier. Much heavier. Like I can just feel it.” “I see. That’s a lot of growth from just two growth spurts. Could you take off your clothes for me? I want to make sure you didn’t develop any lumps and see how your skin is handling all this growth.” Hailey pulled over her shirt and unhooked her bra. “My skin does feel pretty stretched. And my nipples and areolas feel extremely raw.” “Well at least it doesn’t look like you developed any lumps. So that’s certainly a positive.” Dr. Prince spoke as he felt Hailey’s breasts her possible lumps. “Now, how are your breasts feeling? Are they feeling okay?” “It’s tolerable. Like they feel really full and tender. But it doesn’t cause too much pain to walk around and do other things.” “That’s good. I’m going to weigh your breasts to see how much your breasts actually grew. That way, we can ascertain what kind of situation we’re dealing with.” Dr. Prince lifted the scale from the floor onto his desk. He then proceeded to gently weigh Hailey’s breasts. The left breast weighed 10.12 pounds and the right breast weighed 9.94 pounds for a total of 20.06 pounds. “Do you remember how much they weighed the last time, Hailey?” “I think they weighed just under seventeen pounds combined.” Hailey replied. “So that comes down to about 1.5 pounds worth of growth per breast. We shouldn’t panic. But this isn’t a good indicator either. And you can’t put back on your clothes now.” Dr. Prince remarked as he sifted through some records. “This is actually the most aggressive it’s ever been.” “Wait, no way! I mean the growth attacks did feel intense. But they didn’t feel as bad as back then. Are you sure?” Hailey rebutted as she put on her clothes. “The bulk of your growth could have happened while you were out. Were you prescribed any hormonal medication recently?” “Yes. Birth control. Estrogen-based.” “I wish you had consulted me before doing something like that. Hailey, you shouldn’t be taking your condition lightly. I know it’s hard for you. I know it’s unfair. But you have to be extra careful due to your history.” “I’m sorry, Dr. Prince! I needed to get on the pill and I just got them prescribed at the school clinic. Since I didn’t experience any growth for three years, I thought it would be okay…” “Did you not inform the doctor that you suffer from gigantomastia?” “No… I know I should have but I felt uncomfortable talking about it. She told me the increased estrogen levels might cause my breasts to get a little bigger. But that would be it. I really didn’t think it would matter.” “No need to apologize, Hailey. Just consult with me beforehand for any medication or treatment that could affect your hormones. How long have you been taking the pill?” “Just for six weeks. I stopped the day they started growing again. Dr. Prince, are they going to keep growing because of this? Isn’t there a way to stop the growth? Wouldn’t stopping the pill stop the growth?” “I can’t give you any specific answers right now. But my conjecture would be that as your estrogen level decreases, your breasts would most likely not experience further growth. Let’s just wait a week or so. And if there are any more growth episodes, we’ll prescribe you some progesterone to lower your estrogen levels and see if that stops the growth. Let me just take a blood sample to see where your hormone levels are at. We can discuss them later next week.” Hailey got back into her car to drive home from the clinic. Sitting in the car, she could not stop beating herself up for being so careless. ‘Why the fuck did I take birth control?! That was so stupid of me. Using condoms would have been enough.’ Hailey looked at her phone and saw that now there were thirty-six unread text messages and eleven missed calls. She felt bad but she was in no state of mind to explain or deflect on her current turmoil. When Hailey got back home, her younger brother Jamie was in the backyard playing catch with a friend. After saying hi, Hailey went upstairs to her room to calm herself down. However, alone in her room with her thoughts, she grew more agitated. So she just tried watching her brother and his friend play catch. It wasn’t fun to watch, but it certainly did calm her down. The fact that Jamie’s friend looked cute didn’t hurt either. Now that she was calm, Hailey wanted to take a warm bath. Every once in a while, she enjoyed relaxing in the tub to melt away her worries albeit temporarily. In fact, one of the things she missed the most away from home was the warm bath. Hailey undressed and put on her bathrobe. Her nipples poked through the bathrobe unabashedly. Hailey usually wore a bra underneath so that her nipples didn’t show through. But when no one was home or awake, she didn’t really bother. And because Jamie was outside playing catch with his friend, Hailey went to the bathroom with just her bathrobe on. As she waited for the hot water to fill the tub, Hailey carefully looked at her bare breasts in the mirror. They certainly looked bigger than two days ago. Her breasts were now partially blocking her arms because they were so full and pushing each other to the sides. She couldn’t believe that her chest had once been completely flat. She could hardly remember how she looked back then. Her puffy nipples and areolas were all that was female about her chest. Curious to see how much her breasts would protrude to the side from the back, Hailey turned her back on the mirror. As she lifted her arms up to see how much of her breasts would show from behind, something else happened: Jamie’s friend walked in on Hailey! For a split second, they were face to face as Hailey stood naked with her arms up. Hailey shrieked. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry.” Jamie’s friend exclaimed as he shut the door while looking away. “I had no idea someone was in there.” “I’m sorry too. I forgot to lock the door. It’s okay, really.” Hailey replied. “Wait, what’s going on!?” Jamie asked as he came running upstairs. “Don’t get mad but I-uh-ended up walking in on your sister.” Jamie’s friend spoke all flustered. “What the fuck, Greg!?” Jamie rebuked. “It was my fault. I forgot to lock the door.” Hailey defended Greg as she quickly put on her bathrobe and opened the door. Knowing how hot-tempered Jamie could be sometimes, Hailey knew she had to deescalate the situation. “Jamie, I’m sure it was an honest mistake.” “Why the fuck would you go in the bathroom when the door was closed? Didn’t you know my sister was home? What the fuck were you thinking?” Jamie edged in on Greg. “Jamie, I really didn’t know your sister would be in there. Why would I do-” Before Greg could finish his sentence, Jamie punched him in the face. Greg fell to the floor as blood splattered all over. “Are you okay?!” Hailey rushed to Greg’s side to help him get up. “Dude, what the fuck!” Greg bellowed. “That’s what you get.” Jamie taunted. “Go fuck yourself, Jamie.” Greg hit back, brushing himself off. “Yeah, just get the fuck out of my house.” After spitting on the floor, Greg stormed downstairs. “Jamie, what was that?! You should go apologize right now!” Hailey berated rather harshly. “It’s not my fault.” Jamie stonewalled. “Well if you’re not, I am.” Hailey rushed downstairs to catch Greg. Although it was her brother who hit him, she felt responsible for the incident. If she had simply locked the bathroom door, none of this would have happened. Just as Greg was about to get into his car, Hailey was able to call out to him from the front door. Greg looked her way. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry.” Hailey spoke as she approached Greg with her arms crossed. She knew full well how much her breasts wobbled without a bra. By crossing her arms, Hailey could subtly push down on her breasts to minimize the movement. Of course, Hailey also knew very well that her nipples were very prominently poking through the bathrobe. But the only way to conceal them would have been to cup her nipples with her hands, which would have called too much attention to her breasts. Had she not been in a rush to catch Greg for an apology, Hailey would have gotten into a proper attire. But not knowing his number or address, she couldn’t afford to miss him. It was in Hailey’s nature to apologize on the spot. “No, it’s not your fault. And I’ll be alright.” Greg replied. “Things just got out of hand so fast. Jamie is such a hothead. I’m really sorry… Are you sure okay? Would you like me to take you to the hospital?” “No, no, no. Really, it’s nothing. It’s just a bruise. It’ll go away in two weeks or so. And I really should be the one that’s apologizing. At my house, we always have the bathroom doors closed. So I just assumed no one would be in there without really thinking. I’m really sorry for walking in on you like that. And if it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t really see anything. Not that I would’ve if I could.” “Don’t worry about it. It was an honest mistake.” Although Hailey acted cool, she was mortified inside. She knew Greg could not have really seen much. But she was also confident that he must have caught a glimpse of her breasts. Thinking back to that split second, Hailey was overcome with an unshakeable sense of shame; she felt ashamed of how freakish her breasts were and became terrified that Greg might see her as nothing but a freak. As a defense mechanism against that fear, her self-deprecating humor kicked in: “I know they’re really ugly. I’m glad they didn’t make you blind or something.” “What?” Greg knew Hailey was referring to her breasts. But not knowing what the appropriate thing to say would be, Greg pretended to be confused. “Never mind. It’s nothing. Are you sure you can drive right now?” Quickly realizing what a gaffe she had made, Hailey changed the subject. But not before catching Greg take a quick glance at her breasts. His glance made Hailey even more conscious of her nipples showing through, but she only had herself to blame for bringing up the subject. “Yeah. It’s no problem. Well thanks for checking in on me. I should get going now.” “Okay, bye.” After waving Greg off, Hailey went back into the house. She cringed at her joke that in hindsight was wholly inappropriate and in poor taste. From time to time, Hailey had a habit of spitting out words that she instantly regretted. This was one of them. When Hailey got back to the bathroom, the water in the tub had gotten lukewarm. And as she refilled the tub with hot water, Hailey again turned her back on the mirror with her arms up. And to Hailey’s dismay, the sides of her breasts protruded rather prominently. She couldn’t believe just how much of her breasts could now be seen from the back. And her thin waist only worked to exaggerate the protrusion to the sides. Turning back to face the mirror, Hailey began to remember the times when her breasts weren’t as large. ‘And I thought my boobs were too big when they only sagged to my belly button… At least back then my front wasn’t all boobs. Now they completely cover my belly and droop down to my hips. I can’t believe I thought mom’s boobs were too huge at 34E. I’d give anything to be an E cup right now. Actually, I’d grateful if I could just be a 32G. Like that’s all I ask.’ Noticing that the tub was almost full, Hailey turned the knob and got in. It was so warm and relaxing. Her breasts floated rather comically. No matter how many times Hailey saw her breasts float during a bath, she always found it funny. It also served as a stark reminder to never go swimming in public. After relaxing in the bath for half an hour or so, Hailey got up and turned on the shower. But as the water hit her, she felt an intense sharp pain in her nipples. It felt as if someone just jabbed her nipples with a blunted blade. Hailey turned off the shower immediately but the pain still lingered. Right after a growth spurt, Hailey always avoided showers because her nipples were too sensitive to take it. But since it had been a day since her last growth attack, Hailey just assumed it would be okay. Obviously, she was mistaken. ‘I guess I’ll just take a shower later tonight. I can’t believe my nipples are still this tender,’ Hailey thought to herself as she put on her bathrobe and went to her room. Still relaxed from her thirty-minute bath, Hailey collapsed on her bed. She was ready for a nap. And before she knew it, she fell asleep. Hailey could not have been napping for more than an hour when a sudden burning sensation in her breasts woke her. The sensation was so intense that Hailey could have sworn that her breasts were literally on fire. They also throbbed violently. It was as if her heart was pumping all of her blood into her breasts and nowhere else. Not only did she feel light-headed, but she was also experiencing shortness of breath. Soon a tingling sensation emerged, rippling from the tip of her nipples to her entire breasts. ‘Oh no, not again…’ Overwhelmed with all the sensation, Hailey passed out.