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Hello noisebridge- was great to meet you all and see some familiar faces.

I am interested in multiple SF hacker spaces- the ones that exist now, and many noisebridge ones!

Looking forward to sharing resources and colliding realities.

Fun stuff I like to think about with YOU!

  • Coding, software, activism, politics
  • Anarchist consensus process
  • Love, respect, trust
  • Radio, TV transmitters
  • Video games, industrial art!!
  • Zines, Music, Creativity!
  • Food Hacking (, Food Justice
  • Hacking Politics, hacking political parties
  • Travel, hacker coalitions, expanding our boundaries (by hacking them!)

I also enjoy being active with San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia- and so should you! Read it daily!

Here's a talk I did at What The Hack (2005) called Galactic Hacker Partei

Another talk from H2K2 (2002) called "Black Hat Bloc: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Corporations and Love the Hacker Class War" about white hat hackers, the security industrial complex, and corporate co-optation.

I have been involved with a bunch of hacker collectives and spaces, and feel like I am still learning a lot!

I have been involved with dorkbot for years, and the first one was in the basement of Unicorn Precinct XIII, where I live!

I was a huge fan of the west coast HACK MEET this year that took place in San Francisco! Lots of cool hackers getting together to socialize, share ideas and tech:

Goals for a hacker space:

  • Food integration!
  • Yearly San Francisco hacker conference/skillshare/meetup outside of the corporate structures
  • Work space for projects, socialization
  • Fund raising and sustainability!!!
  • Reclaiming public space for public use- events, skillshares!
  • Hacker Community and Outreach (2600, high schools, community centers, free skools, hacker embassy programs)
  • To Each According to Their Need, From Each According To Their Ability (some people can fuel hacker spaces with funds, some with projects)
  • Project Demos!!

Cool Software:

Crabgrass, from, it's like myspace/friendster for anarchists, you can run it on your own server, it's in rails, it's free! Get it!

Norfolk, the collective bill-management software from hacker/music/art/whatever collective False Profit