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==== Seeking Associate Membership Sponsorship ====
==== Seeking Associate Membership Sponsorship ====

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Hilaire Francis Nollette

IRC Handle: GeekSquid email: facebook: hilaire.nollette


Do Be Done

So I am offering my services as a Network Technology Integration Specialist and Broadcast Engineer...
What can we do? Lots needs to be done to make everything work, some has already been done... Information regarding everything is scattered among various servers, wiki's, SVN's and ETC's... Allow me to get this stuff together and see what I can make work.

I am a big picture kind of guy, so I see things in systems that others sometimes don't. I'd like to play around with the infrastructure to see if I can improve upon what is already online.

When I first read about NB a couple of years ago, I was really amazed at the infrastructure that had been documented, now: much of that infrastructure has either failed, been deprecated, or just plain broke. I am totally willing to do the legwork in the space as my schedule allows for this, let's improve NB, contact me.

This is a do-ocracy, Please DO!

Associate Member Endorsements

Sponsor: J.C. thex (talk) 07:32, 6 November 2013 (UTC)

ssh public key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDLeAXmKWUXJzGwF2I1TKT/w7Jm61hMGYF4ITJ/tOPAFJO7DkEbvZ5BgJKsfgg2pd4eB9dY+c7mVmy7gPCAdq1qphCFqM0D8Z95/cCwSTXoYxgujAn71yTxU9b5uNU68hZH3d7CiStJIUvmQwirnrRn48Sxhuue3mRMSLeN00SKOL6I8GN1Fzs/EwFMscBDEhwdu1TjXnjD7/qQAML7xpvVTPbcJ5J1R/qmkrIsyUlmx8VwiQQX4Xf4BOSYmYec3kvz0rkdy/kUAERBqFlmy1AnVfYNzHBNtPSQGvXNgEQ4itpIdNN9Uu5OsLkO8mGiaJsFEU1CxvOD0y6UAhPOiK/l hilaire@hilaire-ubuone

/etc/passwd entry

% sudo adduser --gecos 'Hilaire Nollette' hilaire

Seeking Associate Membership Sponsorship






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