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tinkerer, electronics, linux, mechanical gadgets, etc

as i'm now teaching art and technology full-time to kids and adults at places like the crucible, tech museum of innovation, and maker faire, i'm particularly interested in exploring ideas for projects that are (a) cheap (b) simple to organize for large and small groups in limited time (c) are fun.

i really like cheap, simple, low-tech: foam core, motors, LEDs, clothes pin switches, etc.

recently discovered arduino and would love to be exposed to exotic applications. arduino is probably as high tech as i'm interested in teaching.

ah, that's not true. i'm also a ham and interested in software defined radio. and i used to work for openmoko, the open source linux-based cellphone. hey, whatever happened to the silicon valley homebrew mobile phone club?

favorite tag line: "tune for minimum smoke". no, i didn't make it up, but i wish i had.