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About me:

You can find me at

Stealing from my own Bio:

"Jeff Keyzer is an electrical engineer living in San Francisco, CA. For the past eight years he has designed radio frequency integrated circuits for wireless networks and cell phones. His diverse interests include embedded systems, RF/analog circuit design, microcontrollers, cars and fuel injection systems, machining, welding, and fabrication."


Things in my junk box:

If you have a project that you think would be really cool but is missing something listed here, let's talk. I want to help people make cool things - if you see something listed here, most likely I would be interested in collaborating with you on your project to implement it.

  • Lasers
    • 120mW ALC-60X Air Cooled Argon Laser, multiline (blue, green, violet), blindness hazard, my baby
    • 1mw He-Ne 632.8nm for display (glass exposed)
    • 10-12mW He-Ne 632.8nm
    • 10mW DPSS 532nm, small and bright
    • A galvo+scanner amplifier setup to make pretty patterns (need to build fancy D/A converters to drive them with an AVR)
  • RF stuff
    • SMA connectors (no RP-SMA unfortunately), type N stuff, coax cables, some waveguide
    • Attenuators, couplers, mixers, whatever hasn't sold on ebay
    • A complete APRS GPS tracking system (ham radio based location transmitter)
    • 2m all band (CW, SSB, FM) transceiver
    • A dual band 2m/440 satellite antenna made mostly of wood.
  • Electronics
    • Lots of random 74XX series logic ICs that I have absolutely no use for
    • C64 SID chips waiting for a project.
    • Lots of random junk.

Contact me: