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==adduser stanza==
==adduser stanza==
  # adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31513 --gecos 'Ronald Miloh Alexander' rmiloh
  # adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31513 --gecos 'Ronald Miloh Alexander' miloh

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Ronald Miloh Alexander

I'm aka 'ftoad' or whatever whatever on the Noisebridge irc channel.
or email miloh at froggytoad pünct net
There are some entries by me on the noiseblog
Printing objects at thingiverse and some github hosted scad files
At Noisebridge, I know where things are, and try to know who's around.


  • Still around on most Mondays helping people learn to solder
  • reprap with your cupcake
  • build out: facilities closet.
  • still working on boards for noisebridge: noise punk console
  • a manifesto of media ideas and conclusions drawn from noisebridge events. Freestreaming.
  • evergreen: would evergreen work as a Noisebridge integrated library system (ILS)? I want to be able to find out what we have, and where one is if it's in the space.
  • soda fountain for noisebridge soda jerks.
  • doorbell-be-gone
  • laser projector. pushing a volkdsuino by turning it into a lzr projector. Thanks to the Noisebridge laser order and xek for this!
  • Markov bathroom. Our original boring bathroom should be upgraded to a 'Markov' bathroom.


  • Porthole. Found a porthole and installed it in the front door.
  • kit samples and programming.
    1. built samples of most kits available at Circuit Hacking Mondays
    2. make a system available for programming the avr and arduinos with Linux ([quagga])
    3. document the toolchain process for MS/apple os's as well
  • fast 'upcb' (unprinted pcb) construction from scratch, with paper, perfboard, sewing needles, copper clad board, and a dremel.
  • solid state bulbs. replace mini 120v incandescants with home made solid state bulbs using 'upcb' above. Lost documentaion! Need to make more.
  • Build out
    1. Ada bathroom. This is kind of finished.
    2. Lots of plumbing, painting, mudding, sanding tile, electrical, and clean up
    3. door hanging. Hanging more portals around the space
    4. Shelves. More user shelves at Noisebridge built from found material
  • electronics work benchs. made something like a ~$500 granger bench for $85
  • elevator test plan: what the hell is up with our janky elevator? Test it monthly with a friend.
  • learning bellows construction for the SEM camera attachment
  • Darkroom sink table, plumbing. Built a sink for the darkroom vinyl sink. Lots more to do: sinkcover and faucet hookup
  • Electronics or 'EE' area. Adopting the EE afinity area, sorting equipment, and improving organisation[sic].
  • $sudo pop Yerba Mate Gingerpop, robo grease, and unicorn pee.


My .vimrc (that I got from Denniscollective). its kind of rubyist, among other things.

SSH PubKey

ssh-dss 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 miloh kumquat

adduser stanza

# adduser --shell /bin/bash --uid 31513 --gecos 'Ronald Miloh Alexander' miloh
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